Jeepers Creepers 2

When their bus is crippled on the side of a deserted road, a team of high school athletes discover an opponent they cannot defeat – and may not survive. Staring hungrily at them through the school bus windows, the “Creeper” returns again and again. But when the teammates discover that it’s selective about whom it attacks, it will test their ability to stick together – as the insatiable menace tries to tear them apart!

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Jack Taggart, Sr.: Ray Wise
  • The Creeper: Jonathan Breck
  • Minxie Hayes: Nicki Aycox
  • Scott ‘Scotty’ Braddock: Eric Nenninger
  • Rhonda Truitt: Marieh Delfino
  • Dante Belasco: Al Santos
  • Coach Dwayne Barnes: Tom Tarantini
  • Jake Spencer: Josh Hammond
  • Jack Taggart, Jr.: Luke Edwards
  • Deaundre ‘Double D’ Davis: Garikayi Mutambirwa
  • Coach Charlie Hanna: Thom Gossom Jr.
  • Andy ‘Bucky’ Buck: Billy Aaron Brown
  • Kimball ‘Big K’ Ward: Kasan Butcher
  • Billy Taggart: Shaun Fleming
  • Darry Jenner: Justin Long
  • Bus Driver Betty Borman: Diane Delano
  • Izzy Bohen: Travis Schiffner
  • Chelsea Farmer: Lena Cardwell
  • Jonny Young: Drew Tyler Bell
  • Man in Station Wagon: Bob Papenbrook
  • Older Jack Jr.: Jon Powell
  • Boy: Marshall Cook
  • Boy: Joe Reegan
  • Girl: Stephanie Denise Griffin
  • Team member: Nick George
  • Team member: Gil McKinney
  • Team member: David Zepeda

Film Crew:

  • Executive Producer: Francis Ford Coppola
  • Special Effects Coordinator: John E. Gray
  • Stunts: Heather Burton
  • Executive Producer: Lucas Foster
  • Production Design: Peter Jamison
  • Set Designer: Scott Herbertson
  • Co-Executive Producer: Philip von Alvensleben
  • Set Decoration: Linda Spheeris
  • Characters: Victor Salva
  • Second Unit Director: Tom Luse
  • Conductor: Bennett Salvay
  • Director of Photography: Don E. FauntLeRoy
  • Editor: Ed Marx
  • Prosthetic Supervisor: Richard Redlefsen
  • Executive Producer: Kirk D’Amico
  • Casting: Aaron Griffith
  • Unit Production Manager: Debbie Hayn-Cass
  • Executive Producer: Bobby Rock
  • Greensman: Noah Plunkett
  • Propmaker: Richard Cory
  • Scoring Mixer: Shawn Murphy
  • Production Sound Mixer: Steve C. Aaron
  • Color Timer: Chris Regan
  • Stunt Coordinator: Monty L. Simons
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Jonathan Rothbart
  • Costume Design: Jana Stern
  • Visual Effects Editor: Geraud Brisson
  • Art Direction: Nanci Roberts
  • Executive Visual Effects Producer: Marc Sadeghi
  • Property Master: Richard K. Wright
  • ADR Mixer: Alan Freedman
  • Casting: Linda Phillips-Palo
  • Set Production Assistant: Joey Banks
  • Stunt Double: Elle Alexander
  • Makeup Artist: Elvis Jones
  • Stunts: Debbie Evans
  • Key Makeup Artist: Elisabeth Fry
  • Key Costumer: Claudia Wick
  • Carpenter: Steve Roll
  • Post Production Supervisor: Robert Hackl
  • Foley Artist: Ken Dufva
  • CG Supervisor: Kevin Baillie
  • ADR Supervisor: Paul B. Clay
  • First Assistant Director: Mark Anthony Little
  • Digital Compositors: Rainer Gombos
  • Music Editor: David Bondelevitch
  • Still Photographer: Gene Page
  • Hair Department Head: Lori McCoy-Bell
  • Video Assist Operator: Jimi Johnson
  • Dolby Consultant: Trevor Ward
  • Sound Effects Editor: Patrick O’Sullivan
  • Transportation Coordinator: P. Gerald Knight
  • Visual Effects Coordinator: Arin Finger
  • Lighting Technician: Don Bixby
  • Technical Supervisor: Joshua I. Kolden
  • Sound Recordist: Phil Lee
  • Makeup Department Head: Brian Penikas
  • Animation Supervisor: Christopher Walsh
  • Extras Casting: Sande Alessi
  • Script Supervisor: Patricia A. Fullerton
  • Gaffer: Louis DiCesare
  • Orchestrator: Randy Kerber
  • First Assistant Camera: Ron Vargas
  • ADR Editor: Craig A. Dellinger
  • Special Effects Technician: Boyd Lacosse
  • Stunt Double: Laura Lee Connery
  • Assistant Chief Lighting Technician: Corwin A. Bibb
  • Stunt Double: Angela Meryl
  • Production Accountant: Mary Sunshine
  • Art Department Coordinator: dooner
  • Construction Coordinator: Todd Young
  • Construction Foreman: David Ross Lawrence
  • Leadman: Tim Scheu
  • Standby Painter: Jesse Valdez
  • Camera Operator: Gavin Aims
  • Set Dresser: Zachary Alex
  • Armorer: Tony Swatton
  • Craft Service: Richard Cody
  • Driver: Chris Walden
  • Loader: Season FauntLeRoy
  • Visual Effects Assistant Editor: Yuko Takeshita
  • Set Medic: Sam M. Cobb
  • Stunts: Chris Blackwood
  • Telecine Colorist: George Koran
  • Unit Publicist: Maxine Leonard
  • Utility Stunts: Steven Leavitt
  • Dialogue Editor: Michael P. Cook
  • Best Boy Electric: Sean P. Fickert
  • Electrician: Tim Durr
  • Rigging Grip: Chad C. Barrow
  • Casting Associate: Debbie Rothstein
  • Executive In Charge Of Production: Deborah Reissman
  • Location Manager: Kristi Frankenheimer
  • Production Coordinator: Leslie Silvey
  • Boom Operator: Dan Whiting
  • Assistant Sound Editor: Nick Clay
  • Sound Engineer: John Rotondi
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Robby Bartholomew
  • Visual Effects: YouJin Choung
  • Visual Effects Producer: Luke O’Byrne
  • Key Grip: Charles John Bukey
  • Second Assistant Director: Danny Green
  • Second Second Assistant Director: Rick Kelly
  • Animal Coordinator: Catherine Pittman
  • Dolly Grip: Alan Shultz
  • Title Designer: Melissa Elliott
  • Assistant Property Master: Lorne Grant
  • Grip: Henry L. Bukey
  • Musician: Steve Becknell
  • CG Animator: Moonsung Lee
  • Assistant Location Manager: Eva M. Schroeder
  • Foley Mixer: Lee Tinkham
  • Assistant Editor: Mark V. Phillips
  • Colorist: Jeff Chaves
  • Costumer: Tron Morgan
  • ADR Recordist: Greg Barbacovi
  • Assistant Camera: Michael Fauntleroy Jr.
  • Second Assistant Camera: Jacqueline J. Nivens
  • Assistant Accountant: David Medrano
  • Production Assistant: Carrie Arnold
  • Production Secretary: William S. White

Movie Reviews:

  • VolcanoAl: I loved the way this & the original were both the same ” feeding”.The end was great as the old man waited with his harpoon/pole puncher in his rocking chair.Waiting for his next awakening.
    The car scene & his smile made him a great like Jason or Freddie.The new one is a great idea.23 yr.s for 23 days he feasts.It’s about time!!!
  • John Chard: We are trapped in a broken down school bus out on East 9. And something is going to kill us if we don’t get help out here right away!

    Plot finds the demon known as The Creeper (Jonathan Breck), still having a little time left for feeding and harvesting human parts before his 23 year hibernation. A buffet bar of high school kids on a bus returning from a basketball match are now in his sights. But an avenging father played by Ray Wise is willing to take the fight to the monster.

    It’s a simple as it sounds, really. Creeper picks off various members of the bus, which is the usual array of annoyingly obnoxious teenagers. The tension comes from wondering who is next in line, all while the fractured group (racial/sexuality tensions) try to come up with some sort of plan to survive until help arrives. Logically it’s a laughable nightmare and goofs aplenty are within, but there’s a neat gory “B” movie vibe about it driving it forward. Plus there’s more of Creeper in flying mode and a bad ass Ray Wise to root for.

    After the success of the first Jeepers Creepers film it was inevitable that a sequel would follow. With a little sadness we find that this sequel fails to capture the strengths that made the first film a refreshing horror joltathon. But regardless it still has some merits for a fun horror time waster. 6/10

  • Gimly: A most prime example of how to refute the “bigger is better” adage. Not because it’s smaller and better, but because it’s bigger and shithouse.

    _Final rating: ★½: – Boring/disappointing. Avoid if possible._

  • Wuchak: ***On its final day, the Creeper attacks a school bus full of basketball personnel***

    A basketball team and a few cheerleaders are returning home from a game 30 miles south of Bakersfield, California, when their bus is sabotaged in the countryside by some… thing… with wings.

    “Jeepers Creepers 2” (2003) is the best of the trilogy with the highlight being the creative and creepy monster, called the Creeper, which is reminiscent of the chief gargoyle in “Gargoyles” (1972), but more demonic and wholly evil. This is basically a confined location horror flick with the setting being the remote golden fields of Southern Cal (and the school bus).

    The first film (2001) was hindered by its limited cast while this one tries to make up for it with a whole busload of kids and three school employees (two coaches and a bus driver). But the film generally drops the ball in the female department and, worse, focuses a little too much on shirtless jocks, which can be explained by the writer/director’s orientation (get real). There’s also zero depth; this is a movie about an evil winged creature that attacks a busload of youths and little else. But it’s very well done for what it is.

    The film runs 1 hour, 44 minutes and was shot in Southern Cal (Tejon Ranch and Long Beach).

    GRADE: B-

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