Bullet Train Down

On its maiden run, the world’s fastest bullet train is rigged with a bomb that will explode if it dips below 200 mph.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Scott Madison: Tom Sizemore
  • Kessler Briggs: Rashod Freelove
  • Lou: Ryan Youngwoong Kim
  • Jack: Xander Bailey
  • Claire: Lesley Grant
  • Holly: Carolina Vargas
  • Cody: Caleb Lowell
  • Davey: Dylan J. Harris
  • Vigo: Zack Gold
  • Caruso: Erica Duke
  • Roan: Chandler Dunman
  • Henry Forge: Byron Preston Jackson
  • Johnston: Colin Koth
  • Detective Lewis: Anthony Jensen
  • Andrea: Neli Sabour
  • Joyce: Simone Victoria
  • Apache Pilot: Brian Nowak
  • Helicopter News Reporter: Tammy Klein

Film Crew:

  • Executive Producer: David Michael Latt
  • Executive Producer: Paul Bales
  • VFX Artist: Christian McIntire
  • Costume Design: Cynthia Davis
  • Executive Producer: David Rimawi
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Glenn Campbell
  • Visual Effects Compositor: Tammy Klein
  • Music: Erica Duke
  • Editor: Rob Pallatina
  • Visual Effects Compositor: Craig Bassuk
  • VFX Artist: Kelly Lee Myers
  • Visual Effects Coordinator: Sasha Burrow
  • Visual Effects Compositor: Brian Nowak
  • VFX Artist: Wes Sargent
  • Costumer: Alyssa Cole
  • Production Design: Iain McLean
  • Director of Photography: Marcus Friedlander
  • Writer: Alex Heerman
  • Makeup Department Head: Kwame Head
  • VFX Artist: Neal Sopata
  • VFX Artist: John Karner
  • VFX Artist: David R. Morton
  • Assistant Editor: Sam Tarr

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