Eight Below

In the Antarctic, after an expedition with Dr. Davis McClaren, the sled dog trainer Jerry Shepherd has to leave the polar base with his colleagues due to the proximity of a heavy snow storm. He ties his dogs to be rescued after, but the mission is called-off and the dogs are left alone at their own fortune. For six months, Jerry tries to find a sponsor for a rescue mission.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Jerry Shepard: Paul Walker
  • Davis McClaren: Bruce Greenwood
  • Katie: Moon Bloodgood
  • Charlie Cooper: Jason Biggs
  • Dr. Andy Harrison: Gerard Plunkett
  • Eve McClaren: Wendy Crewson
  • Captain Lovett: Duncan Fraser
  • Worker #1: Dexter Bell
  • Mindo: August Schellenberg
  • Dr. Rosemary Paris: Belinda Metz
  • Eric McClaren: Connor Christopher Levins
  • Navy Commander: Dan Ziskie
  • Armin Butler: Michael David Simms
  • Bureaucrat #2: Daniel Bacon
  • Bureaucrat #3: Laara Sadiq
  • Charles Buffett: Malcolm Stewart
  • Boat Captain: Garry Chalk
  • Waitress: Brenda Campbell
  • Wharf Boat Captain: Michael Adamthwaite
  • Crew Member: Buddy Cain
  • Jamison: Damon Johnson
  • Frank: Richard Sali
  • Howard: Panou
  • Shadow – a Dog: Troika

Film Crew:

  • Director of Photography: Don Burgess
  • Director: Frank Marshall
  • Casting: Deborah Aquila
  • Music: Mark Isham
  • Producer: Roger Birnbaum
  • Producer: Gary Barber
  • Editor: Christopher Rouse
  • Writer: David DiGilio
  • Original Story: Toshirô Ishidô
  • Production Design: John Willett
  • Casting: Tricia Wood
  • Scenic Artist: Mark N. Tompkins
  • First Assistant Camera: Stewart Whelan
  • Title Designer: Dan Perri

Movie Reviews:

  • r96sk: Not as dark or heart-wrenching as it could’ve, and perhaps should’ve, been. With that noted, ‘Eight Below’ – a remake of 1983’s ‘Antarctica’ – is still a fairly decent survival drama.

    The cast certainly elevate my feelings towards the film, with Paul Walker impressing in the lead role; it comes across as if he actually does have a bond with the dogs, which is obviously key.

    It’s very much Walker’s show, but Bruce Greenwood, Jason Biggs and Moon Bloodgood all add small but welcomed things with their characters. The dogs themselves are great and do a lot of good work onscreen, a load of which being pretty believable.

    There are saddening parts to it, for sure, but overall I wanted a more deeper ride with this premise than what I got, but there’s definitely reasons to watch it.

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