The Death of Superman

When a hulking monster arrives on Earth and begins a mindless rampage, the Justice League is quickly called in to stop it. But it soon becomes apparent that only Superman can stand against the monstrosity.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Clark Kent / Superman (voice): Jerry O’Connell
  • Lois Lane (voice): Rebecca Romijn
  • Lex Luthor (voice): Rainn Wilson
  • Diana Prince / Wonder Woman (voice): Rosario Dawson
  • Hal Jordan / Green Lantern (voice): Nathan Fillion
  • Barry Allen / The Flash (voice): Christopher Gorham
  • Arthur Curry / Aquaman (voice): Matt Lanter
  • Victor Stone / Cyborg (voice): Shemar Moore
  • Martian Manhunter (voice): Nyambi Nyambi
  • Bruce Wayne / Batman (voice): Jason O’Mara
  • Mayor (voice): Jonathan Adams
  • Silas Stone (voice): Rocky Carroll
  • Dabney Donovan (voice), Bruno Mannheim (voice): Trevor Devall
  • Pa Kent (voice): Paul Eiding
  • Ma Kent (voice): Jennifer Hale
  • Hank Henshaw (voice): Patrick Fabian
  • Bibbo Bibbowski (voice): Charles Halford
  • Mercy Graves (voice): Erica Luttrell
  • Jimmy Olsen (voice): Max Mittelman
  • Cat Grant (voice): Toks Olagundoye
  • Dan Turpin (voice): Rick Pasqualone
  • Maggie Sawyer (voice): Amanda Troop
  • John Henry Irons (voice): Cress Williams

Film Crew:

  • Characters: Bob Kane
  • Characters: Jerry Siegel
  • Characters: Joe Shuster
  • Co-Producer: Alan Burnett
  • Producer: Sam Liu
  • Executive Producer: Sam Register
  • Characters: Bill Finger
  • Original Music Composer: Frederik Wiedmann
  • Comic Book: Gerard Jones
  • Writer: Peter Tomasi
  • Editor: Christopher D. Lozinski
  • Executive Producer: James Tucker
  • Post Production Supervisor: Greg Emerson
  • Characters: Dan Jurgens
  • Casting: Wes Gleason
  • Characters: Roger Stern
  • Director: Jake Castorena
  • Producer: Amy McKenna
  • ADR & Dubbing: John St. Denis

Movie Reviews:

  • Gimly: In DC’s mad rush to get the lion’s share of their animated films under one umbrella, ore more accurately, into a single timeline, there was always going to be at least a slight re-duplication of efforts. But seeing as this is almost **exactly** the same as the already released _Superman: Doomsday_ movie, I wonder, did _The Death of Superman_ really need to happen? Or if it did, could it have maybe been one part of a bigger story? Or maybe at least have like… happened later? I suppose, that seeing as this movie is a much better version of it, I can’t complain too much… Even if we did just have to also sit through another bastardised version of it in _Batman v Superman_.

    This is, I think, with the exception of _Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay_, probably the best movie in the new “DC Animated Movie Universe”. But the movies outside of this rushed, ham-fisted continuity are usually far better, so the compliment’s not too high a praise.

    _Final rating:★★½ – Had a lot that appealed to me, didn’t quite work as a whole._

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