Boss Level

A former special forces agent is trapped in a time loop and relives his death over and over again. To escape the terrible situation, he must track down those responsible and stop them.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Roy Pulver: Frank Grillo
  • Colonel Clive Ventor: Mel Gibson
  • Jemma Wells: Naomi Watts
  • Alice: Annabelle Wallis
  • Chef Jake: Ken Jeong
  • Brett: Will Sasso
  • Guan Yin: Selina Lo
  • Pam: Meadow Williams
  • Dai Feng: Michelle Yeoh
  • Gabrielle: Mathilde Ollivier
  • Gunner: Rob Gronkowski
  • Dave: Sheaun McKinney
  • Joe: Rio Grillo
  • Esmerelda the Chauffeur: Armida Lopez
  • Mr. Good Morning: Buster Reeves
  • Roy #2: Eric Etebari
  • German Twin #1: Quinton Jackson
  • German Twin #2: Rashad Evans
  • Driver: Joe Knezevich
  • Loudmouth: Adam G. Simon
  • Guest: Melanie Kiran
  • Huey Pilot: Thomas Dewier
  • Kaboom: Aaron Beelner
  • Pedro: Travis Gomez
  • Smiley: Michael Tourek
  • Patrolman: John Cenatiempo
  • Armed Sentry Guard: Brendan Johnston
  • Cop: Rigan Machado
  • Stunned Woman BMW: Adetinpo Thomas
  • Slack-Jawed Dude: Eric Goins
  • Cop #2: Swen Temmel
  • Ticket Taker: Tyler Jon Olson
  • Dana: Robert Goon
  • Chef Jorge: Henry Penzi
  • BMX Tricks Rider (uncredited): Athena Akers
  • Laboratory Security Guard (uncredited): James William Ballard
  • Customer at the Chinese Restaurant (uncredited): Joe Carnahan

Film Crew:

  • Executive Producer: Henry Winterstern
  • Executive Producer: Robert Jones
  • Casting: Sharon Bialy
  • Production Design: Jon Billington
  • Producer: George Furla
  • Producer: Randall Emmett
  • Set Decoration: Lori Mazuer
  • Co-Producer: Padraic McKinley
  • Executive Producer: Jules Daly
  • Writer: Joe Carnahan
  • Co-Producer: Jason Hellmann
  • Original Music Composer: Clinton Shorter
  • Director of Photography: Juan Miguel Azpiroz
  • Producer: Frank Grillo
  • Line Producer: Scott Putman
  • Executive Producer: Ted Fox
  • Co-Producer: Anthony Callie
  • Executive Producer: Arianne Fraser
  • Stunt Coordinator: Brian Simpson
  • Editor: Kevin Hale
  • Executive Producer: Nadine Luque
  • Executive Producer: Meadow Williams
  • Casting: Sherry Thomas
  • Executive Producer: Swen Temmel
  • Executive Producer: Wayne Marc Godfrey
  • Executive Producer: Carolyn Folks
  • Executive Producer: Jennifer Lucas
  • Writer: Eddie Borey
  • Writer: Chris Borey
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: George Loucas
  • Supervising Art Director: A. Todd Holland
  • Executive Producer: Timothy C. Sullivan
  • Stunt Coordinator: Frank Torres
  • Co-Producer: Michael J. Urann
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Craig Mann
  • Hairstylist: Melizah Anguiano Wheat
  • Executive Producer: Brandon K. Hogan
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Laura Wiest
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Makana Sylva
  • Executive Producer: Richard Clark Jr.
  • Visual Effects Producer: Brian Reiss
  • Production Sound Mixer: Beau Williams
  • Visual Effects: Bernard O. Ceguerra
  • Executive Producer: Alexander Eckert
  • Executive Producer: Alastair Burlingham
  • First Assistant Director: Nick Satriano
  • Co-Executive Producer: Armen V. Kevorkian
  • Music Supervisor: Ashley Waldron
  • Second Assistant Director: Brian Avery Galligan
  • Makeup Department Head: Essie Cha
  • Executive Producer: Anders Erdén
  • Production Supervisor: Kenny Savoca
  • Executive Producer: Chris Charalambous
  • Executive Producer: Mark DeVitre
  • Co-Producer: Alana Crow
  • Executive Producer: Delphine Perrier
  • Executive Producer: Charles Auty
  • Costume Design: Jayna Mansbridge
  • Unit Publicist: Hilda Somarriba
  • Executive Producer: Christelle Conan
  • Special Effects Makeup Artist: Roy Wooley
  • Visual Effects Producer: Matthew Dean Russell
  • Animation: Isaac Marcos Gonzalez
  • Makeup Artist: Luke Waki
  • Executive Producer: Gary Raskin
  • Executive Producer: Jonathan Helmuth
  • Key Makeup Artist: Paul Cha
  • Makeup Artist: Carpucine Childs
  • Visual Effects Coordinator: Benjamin Mullin
  • Sound Effects Editor: Russell Topal
  • Visual Effects Production Manager: Neil Van Dijk
  • Visual Effects Coordinator: Alex Schade
  • Visual Effects Editor: Sean Kachenmeister
  • Associate Producer: Thomas A. Giovine
  • Executive Producer: Mitch Lowe
  • Hair Department Head: Pamela Hall
  • Key Hair Stylist: Chantel Wilson
  • VFX Artist: Daniel Edery

Movie Reviews:

  • SWITCH.: At its core, the model is still the Phil Connors self-improvement plan. In trying to finally make it to tomorrow, will Roy become a better father, a better ex-husband, a better version of himself? 28 years ago, Murray and writer/director Harold Ramis wrung this ingenious conceit for everything it was worth. All a diverting riff like ‘Boss Level’ can do is throw a few sword fights and bazookas in with the recycled pleasures and hope they look like its own. It’s inchoate, but mostly fun.
    – Jake Watt

    Read Jake’s full article…

  • Per Gunnar Jonsson: Didn’t really know what this movie was when I got it but I have to say that it was a quite fun action romp and although I am usually very much against time travel stories this one worked for me.

    As the name implies the movie kind of plays out like a first person shooter game. Start, run and shoot, die, rinse, restart and repeat. I know, it sound rather boring but it actually works. There’s enough variation in each run to make it interesting and each iteration advances the story and adds another piece to the puzzle.

    Obviously there is a lot of action in this movie and it is good and fun action. Luckily they didn’t try to go for some silly PG-13 or TV-PG rating. This is a mature audience movie and both the language and the action is for adults and not the whining easily offended variety of adults. Heads fly, people explode and bullet wholes appear in all kinds of places.

    At the same time it is fun, over the top and sometimes quite comical action. The background voice from the main protagonist and his matter of fact but also “I’m tired of this bullshit” attitude is adding nicely to the fun-factor.

    There is a story underneath all of this, believe it or not, and it’s actually not that bad. Sure there are holes in it large enough to drive a battleship through but it doesn’t really matter. The story is good enough to drive the movie and the action forward and the movie makes no pretense of having any form of science or such logic in it anyway. It’s kind of a over the top action version of Groundhog Day with first person shooter elements.

    Frank Grillo is doing a good job of being the bored, violent main protagonist and it was rather fun seeing Mel Gibson again even though he, unfortunately, was one of the bad guys. The rest of the actors, well they are more or less as forgettable as they are expendable (over and over again).

    It is a fun movie clearly meant to entertain by showering the audience in outrageous (violent) action stunts and some snarky dialogue and it succeeds quite well in achieving this.

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