Florida Film Academy

Anthology tales of the Florida Film Academy and the films its students produce

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Marty McWasp: Josh Price
  • Charlie Bagels: Brogan Gentry
  • Jim Halpert: Xavier Caudill
  • Wyatt Eightieson: Wade “Wattson”
  • Sheldon Cooper: Danilo Del Vecchio
  • White House Chief of Staff: Brody Starling
  • Bartender: Jackson Keller
  • Self: Carlton Clinkscales
  • Self: Alex Hoff
  • Self: Senti Hamlet
  • Black Hawk: Emma Jacobson
  • Speedy Boi: Ryan Besner
  • The Soldier: Alex Landry
  • The Customer: Drake Jones
  • Mr. Poppins: Dylan Fontenot
  • Old Man Jones: David Haynes
  • The Spaceman: Charles Lincoln V
  • Self: Alexis Mincey
  • Pam Beesly: Kate Mitchell
  • Major Leader: Graham Bosak
  • Self: Adyn Del Cid
  • Mike Scott: Bug
  • Twister of Time: Rin Stroup
  • Alex Cassel: Ava Ni
  • Brian Mulaney: Justin Leuschner
  • The Doctor: Olyvia Manhnken

Film Crew:

  • Creator: Josh Price
  • Cinematography: Carlton Clinkscales
  • Producer: David Haynes

Movie Reviews:

  • mr_ass: Cinema undiluted, yet clouded; quintessential, yet corrupted; lucid, yet vague; high-minded, yet smothered in dirty shapes, postured to perfection. Designed to transport, to form a familiar, albeit foreign environment for its viewers through patient, sincere and expressive manipulation of audiovisual details, resulting in a pure-form, sensory-cinema experience. 9/12 Stars
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