Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

Some of Sin City’s most hard-boiled citizens cross paths with a few of its more reviled inhabitants.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Marv: Mickey Rourke
  • Nancy: Jessica Alba
  • Hartigan: Bruce Willis
  • Dwight: Josh Brolin
  • Johnny: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
  • Ava: Eva Green
  • Gail: Rosario Dawson
  • Senator Roark: Powers Boothe
  • Manute: Dennis Haysbert
  • Joey: Ray Liotta
  • Wallenquist: Stacy Keach
  • Goldie / Wendy: Jaime King
  • Kroenig: Christopher Lloyd
  • Miho: Jamie Chung
  • Bob: Jeremy Piven
  • Mort: Christopher Meloni
  • Sally: Juno Temple
  • Damien Lord: Marton Csokas
  • Lt. Liebowitz: Jude Ciccolella
  • Marcie: Julia Garner
  • Bertha: Lady Gaga
  • Gilda: Alexa PenaVega
  • Dallas: Patricia Vonne
  • Flint: Bart Fletcher
  • Buzz: Alejandro Rose-Garcia
  • Frat Boy #3: Samuel Davis
  • Frat Boy #4: Mike Davis
  • Lillian: Kimberly Cox
  • Tony: Alcides Dias
  • Abdul: Vincent Fuentes
  • Louie: Billy Blair
  • Luigi: Rob Franco
  • Gordo: Daylon Walton
  • Joey’s Wife: Eloise DeJoria
  • Mulgrew: Bob Schreck
  • Boogaard: Lawrence Varnado
  • Jacoby: Jimmy Gonzales
  • Wino Old Timer: Tommy Townsend
  • Cowboy: Robert Lott
  • Godzilla: Gregory Kelly
  • Gorgo: Patrick Sane
  • Mothra: Greg Ingram
  • Lawyer: Will Beinbrink
  • Maitre d’: Dimitrius Pulido
  • Heavy: John Wirt
  • Flamethower: Emmy Robbin
  • Security Guard #1: Luis Albert Acevedo Jr.
  • The Man: Christian Bowman
  • Weevil: Johnny Reno
  • Thelma: Callie Hernandez
  • Old Town Girl (uncredited): Kea Ho
  • Sam’s Friend (uncredited): Robert Rodriguez

Film Crew:

  • Original Music Composer: Robert Rodriguez
  • Executive Producer: Bob Weinstein
  • Executive Producer: Harvey Weinstein
  • Graphic Novel Illustrator: Frank Miller
  • Casting: Mary Vernieu
  • Foley: Catherine Harper
  • Production Design: Steve Joyner
  • Costume Design: Nina Proctor
  • Stunt Coordinator: Jeffrey J. Dashnaw
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Stefen Fangmeier
  • Sound Effects Editor: Paula Fairfield
  • Hairstylist: Joe Rivera
  • Choreographer: Jennifer D. Johnson
  • Original Music Composer: Carl Thiel
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Doug Campbell
  • Producer: Sergey Bespalov
  • Producer: Aaron Kaufman
  • Producer: Alexandr Rodnyansky
  • Animation Director: Kyle Jefferson
  • Producer: Mark C. Manuel
  • Foley: Gregg Barbanell
  • Producer: Stephen L’Heureux
  • Set Designer: Jeff B. Adams Jr.
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Josh Saeta
  • Visual Effects Editor: Zack Mazerolle
  • Visual Effects Editor: Joel Thompson
  • Production Design: Caylah Eddleblute
  • Set Decoration: Bart Brown
  • Set Decoration: Jennifer Long
  • Wigmaker: Alex Rouse
  • Makeup Artist: Angela Maldone
  • Production Supervisor: Nikki Taylor
  • Art Department Coordinator: Mike McCutchen
  • Property Master: Drew Guajardo
  • Leadman: Ken Gaston-Kilgore
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Brad Engleking
  • Sound Designer: Clark Crawford
  • Sound Designer: Angelo Palazzo
  • Supervising Sound Editor: Tim Rakoczy
  • Visual Effects Editor: Baljot Bhatti
  • Visual Effects Art Director: Jelmer Boskma
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Ed Chapman
  • Visual Effects Editor: Abhishek Chauhan
  • Visual Effects Editor: Arvind Chaurasiya
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Jon Cowley
  • Visual Effects Editor: Sarah Fricker
  • Visual Effects Editor: Omkar Iyer
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Tim McGovern
  • Visual Effects Editor: Dhananjay Parab
  • Visual Effects Editor: Anik Seguin
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Travis Smith
  • Visual Effects Producer: Christopher Sinnott
  • Visual Effects Producer: Darren A. Bell
  • Still Photographer: Rico Torres
  • Camera Operator: P.K. Munson
  • Lighting Technician: Scott Cremeens
  • Dialect Coach: Debra Bruce-Nazarian
  • Script Supervisor: Monika Petrillo
  • Unit Publicist: Shara Storch

Movie Reviews:

  • Per Gunnar Jonsson: This is a movie that you have to really watch. You cannot sit and divide your time between the movie and reading a book or glancing at your tablet. Doing that would be like watching half a painting. This movie is all about the graphical presentation. Its use of live actors yet with a cartoonish black and white (emphasize on black) look with some occasional splatter of colors is absolutely marvelous. Look down and you miss something. The background voice a’la old fashioned detective story only serves to reinforce the feeling of being dumped into an old cartoon.

    The story, or rather stories, are cartoon class material as well and not really much to write home about by themselves. They serve well enough to drive this particular movie though. The main actors where fitting right in and making a very enjoyable performance as far as I am concerned. Well, with the possible exception of Bruce Willis who mostly just stood around looking sad but then his role was a rather unrewarding one in the first place. I definitely liked Mickey Rourke as the rather exaggerated tuff guy Marv.

    This is a violent movie. Like Kill Bill violent if you know what I mean. If this movie would have been made as an ordinary live action movie without the cartoonish elements and the timely switch to silhouette images it would be grossly violent. Again, the cartoonish setting of the movie makes it simply work. Still, the movie is not for the squemish but then, this is the second Sin City movie, it is based on an existing cartoon and Robert Rodriguez had his hand in it so if you are surprised you either went into the wrong show room or should start to do a bit more research before deciding to watch something.

    I did find the fact that the movie actually revolved around two different stories a bit distracting though. A minor complaint but I was really expecting them to somehow get intertwined all through the movie and was a tad disappointed when the second story finished and so did the movie.

    Bottom line is that I quite enjoyed this movie. It is really a movie that stands out from the crowd in its use of black and white imagery and cartoon characters. It is black, grim and funny at the same time and for a photography interested person like me the imagery is really beautiful.

  • furious_iz: It’s just not as good as the first. They over use colour, instead of tiny splashes here and there it’s everywhere and it doesn’t work

    Eva Green is absolutely perfect as Ava, I just wish her story was in the first film

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