The Name of the Rose

14th-century Franciscan monk William of Baskerville and his young novice arrive at a conference to find that several monks have been murdered under mysterious circumstances. To solve the crimes, William must rise up against the Church’s authority and fight the shadowy conspiracy of monastery monks using only his intelligence – which is considerable.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • William of Baskerville: Sean Connery
  • Bernardo Gui: F. Murray Abraham
  • Adso of Melk: Christian Slater
  • Remigio da Varagine: Helmut Qualtinger
  • Severinus: Elya Baskin
  • The Abbot: Michael Lonsdale
  • Malachia: Volker Prechtel
  • Jorge de Burgos: Feodor Chaliapin Jr.
  • Ubertino da Casale: William Hickey
  • Berengar: Michael Habeck
  • Venantius: Urs Althaus
  • The Girl: Valentina Vargas
  • Salvatore: Ron Perlman
  • Michele da Cesena: Leopoldo Trieste
  • Adelmo: Lars Bodin-Jorgensen
  • Papal Envoy: Giordano Falzoni
  • Jerome of Kaffa: Franco Valobra
  • Hugh of Newcastle: Vernon Dobtcheff
  • Pietro d’Assisi: Donald O’Brien
  • Cuthbert of Winchester: Andrew Birkin
  • Cardinal Bertrand: Lucien Bodard
  • Jean d’Anneaux: Peter Berling
  • Bishop of Alborea: Pete Lancaster
  • Monk: Franco Adducci
  • Monk: Niko Brücher
  • Monk: Aristide Caporale
  • Monk: Fabio Carfora
  • Monk: Francesco Scali
  • Monk: Peter Clös
  • Monk: Mario Diano
  • Monk: Franco Pistoni
  • Monk: Maria Tedeschi
  • Monk: Valerio Isidori
  • Monk: Luigi Leoni
  • Monk: Armando Marra
  • Monk: Ludger Pistor
  • Papal Visitor: Franco Diogene
  • Adso as an Old Man / The Narrator (Voice): Dwight Weist
  • Soldier: Franco Marino
  • …: Kim Rossi Stuart

Film Crew:

  • Producer: Bernd Eichinger
  • Casting: Celestia Fox
  • Casting Assistant: Mali Finn
  • Costume Design: Gabriella Pescucci
  • Original Music Composer: James Horner
  • Director: Jean-Jacques Annaud
  • Writer: Umberto Eco
  • Screenplay: Andrew Birkin
  • Screenplay: Gérard Brach
  • Screenplay: Howard Franklin
  • Screenplay: Alain Godard
  • Executive Producer: Jake Eberts
  • Executive Producer: Thomas Schühly
  • Director of Photography: Tonino Delli Colli
  • Editor: Jane Seitz
  • Sound Designer: Frank Jahn
  • Production Design: Dante Ferretti
  • Producer: Franco Cristaldi
  • Producer: Alexandre Mnouchkine
  • Camera Operator: Antonio Scaramuzza
  • Casting: David Rubin
  • Set Decoration: Francesca Lo Schiavo
  • Makeup Artist: Ilona Herman
  • Wardrobe Coordinator: Esther Walz
  • Camera Operator: Giovanni Fiore Coltellacci
  • Casting: Dominique Besnehard
  • Art Direction: Rainer Schaper
  • Makeup Artist: Hans Jürgen Schmelzle
  • Sound Designer: Norbert Herzner
  • Casting: Sabine Schroth
  • Art Direction: Giorgio Giovannini
  • Producer: Bernd Schaefers
  • Casting: Gianni Arduini
  • Grip: Umberto Dessena
  • Electrician: Wolfgang Dell
  • Makeup Artist: Friederike Mirus
  • Still Photographer: Mario Tursi
  • Key Grip: Alberto Emidi
  • Focus Puller: Marco Sperduti
  • Generator Operator: Vittorio Contino
  • Grip: Bruno Colanzi
  • Wardrobe Master: Alberto Spiazzi
  • Grip: Günther Bauer
  • Makeup Artist: Margrit Guthmann
  • Makeup Artist: Gerhard Reitinger
  • Special Effects Supervisor: Adriano Pischiutta
  • Seamstress: Angela Anzimani
  • Electrician: Franco Caporale
  • Electrician: Aldo Galigani
  • Electrician: Giorgio Palermi
  • Electrician: Piero Quaglietti
  • Focus Puller: Vasco Benucci
  • Focus Puller: Guido Tosi
  • Generator Operator: Marco Di Salvo
  • Generator Operator: Umberto Leurini
  • Grip: Eraldo Barbona
  • Grip: Cesare Emidi
  • Grip: Richard Lindl

Movie Reviews:

  • Gimly: At first I was like “Hah, this is some kind of Sherlock Holmes but a priest thing!”, and then I was like “Oh, this **is** some kind of Sherlock Holmes but a priest thing!”

    _Final rating:★★★ – I liked it. Would personally recommend you give it a go._

  • John Chard: Bookish or Boorish?

    The Name of the Rose is directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud and based on the novel of the same name written by Umberto Eco. It stars Sean Connery, Christian Slater, F. Murray Abraham, Helmut Qualtinger, Elya Baskin & Michael Lonsdale. Music is scored by James Horner and cinematography by Tonino Delli Colli.

    Sean does Sherlock the Monk.

    It’s one of those film’s that I just can’t get into, three times I have tried but it’s now consigned to the recycle bin, never to be unearthed again. I see there is great artistry there, it’s very literate and the mystery element is strong, but it saps my strength to the very last. Connery is miscast because he plays it as nudge nudge wink wink detective fare, and film strains too hard to be some intellectual medieval musing on inquisitional power, berserker religion and the search for truth. Now I like gloomy moods, especially when part of some Gothic architecture, but even with the delightful weirdness of this monastery and the even weirder haircuts, I find it hard to sit still, such is the haphazard directing of the plot. In all honesty, the makers really would have been better off just making another Sherlock Holmes movie and setting it in a monastery. Now that would be fun…

    This wants to be a paean to Arthur Conan Doyle, a brain teaser and an observation on some tricky subjects, but the mix doesn’t work, sadly, for me anyway. Because I don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s a bad film, clearly it is loved by many and has things of value to a discerning viewer. But to me, no, leaves me cold and frustrated. 5/10

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