Carrie Pilby

Awkward, isolated and disapproving of most of the people around her, a precocious 19-year-old genius is challenged to put her convictions to the test by venturing out on to the NYC dating scene.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Carrie Pilby: Bel Powley
  • Tara: Vanessa Bayer
  • Professor Harrison: Colin O’Donoghue
  • Cy: William Moseley
  • Matt: Jason Ritter
  • Mr. Pilby: Gabriel Byrne
  • Dr. Petrov: Nathan Lane
  • Ronald: Scott Keiji Takeda
  • Cute Guy: Frank Huerta
  • Douglas: Desmin Borges
  • Davy: Zachary Infante
  • George: Joel Michaely
  • Hostess: Coral Peña
  • Waitress: Ayse Kırca
  • Obnoxious Kid #1: Gregory Diaz IV
  • Obnoxious Kid #2: Benicio Franqui
  • Bartender: Bryan Winston
  • Dex: Justin Dean
  • Mrs. Rubin: Cornelia Guest
  • Fliss: Poorna Jagannathan
  • Amanda: Mahaley Patel
  • Cooking Woman: Christina Concetta
  • Ted: Andy Bustillos
  • Cute Girl (uncredited): Emily Faris
  • Marcel (uncredited): Julian Graham
  • Party Guest (uncredited): Doris McCarthy
  • Mother of Crying Girl (uncredited): Alyxx Morgen
  • Hostess (uncredited): Elisabeth Ng
  • Student (uncredited): Charlotte Otremba
  • Party Guest (uncredited): Angelina Palma
  • Obnoxious Kids’ Father (uncredited): Clifford Rivera
  • Bouncer (uncredited): Guy Sparks

Film Crew:

  • Casting: Sig De Miguel
  • Co-Executive Producer: Dean Craig
  • Producer: Susan Cartsonis
  • Production Supervisor: Richard Mancuso
  • Original Music Composer: Michael Penn
  • Producer: Brent Emery
  • Producer: Susan Johnson
  • Casting: Stephen Vincent
  • Co-Producer: Marlon Young
  • Co-Producer: Per Melita
  • Set Decoration: Nadya Gurevich
  • Production Design: Curt Beech
  • Editor: Phillip J. Bartell
  • Director of Photography: Gonzalo Amat
  • Producer: Suzanne Farwell
  • Head of Production: Gretchen McGowan
  • Costume Design: Leslie Yarmo
  • Novel: Caren Lissner
  • Screenplay: Kara Holden
  • Makeup Department Head: Anouck Sullivan
  • Associate Producer: Heather Haggarty
  • Associate Producer: Nanou Matteson
  • Co-Producer: Stefan Mentz
  • Producer: Lisa Wolofsky
  • Post Production Supervisor: Jason Fournet
  • Hairstylist: Roma Demartino
  • Associate Producer: Victoria Moorhouse
  • Co-Producer: Kym Gold
  • Hair Department Head: Monet Moon
  • Makeup Artist: Margina Dennis
  • Executive Producer: Alison Bossert
  • Executive Producer: Elaine Harris
  • Executive Producer: Marcel Sassola
  • Executive Producer: Teri Simpson
  • Art Direction: Alanna Dempewolff-Barrett

Movie Reviews:

  • Reno: **Life happens and we just’ve to flow with it, making better choices!**

    A better film than I thought. What I thought was seeing how it was received. It was based on the book of the same name, directed by a newcomer. A coming-of-age film, about a 19 year old smart girl, but struggling in the real world since finished her education. Particularly, she’s having a trouble with her father in communicating. Not that she’s incapable of blend in with the rest of the world, but she’s preoccupied with what she’s interested in. Now her therapist hints to make a list to accomplish things than the dull life according to him she’s presently living on. During her attempt, what are all things she go through was told in the remaining narration.

    Bel Powley was brilliant in the title role. It was more like a sequel to her previous film ‘The Diary of a Teenage Girl’. Like it was the next stage of her story. Between adulthood and teenhood, at the edge of teenage. Apart from her, the rest of the cast was decent. I usually like this kind of films, but they are all same. Developed from the basic storyline that we are very familiar with. In that perspective, this is not an impressive film, especially if you have seen plenty. Even though not bad for watching it once. Since the characters, cast and settings differ, besides the presentation was good, it surely a nice film to watch alone in a lazy weekend. Probably under- appreciated, but definitely an under- noticed film of the year.


  • Kamurai: Good watch, could watch again, and can recommend.

    This is a great little “coming of age”, literal search for identity in an extra-ordinary young woman placed in a situation to “catch up ” with her peers.

    Firstly, I’m calling a lot of flags on this play because she’s got a photographic memory, she’s graduated from Harvard (she clearly could have gone on to get a Master’s and a Doctorate), she’s pretty much smarter than everyone, and she comes from a wealthy family that is paying for her life.

    Now, that said, her problems are still legitimate problems: they could just easily be SO MUCH WORSE. My biggest problem is that she learned all this crap because she was told to without any real direction in life and could be doing anything she actually wanted, but she wasn’t given a support system to put her on a path to where she could be happy without this movie. But since we’re in a universe where she was “shipped off”, this is an emotionally centered piece where she is battling with social connection as well as the emotions involved and finally being faced with a place she could fail.

    I have a feeling that straight women are going to connect more with this movie that other demographics as it does focus a lot on what it means to have the appreciation of different men, and / or whether that validates part of you (as a woman) as a person.

    To me, it has a funny moral of “No matter your advantages, life will kick you while you’re down.”

    Bel Powley kills it, as it is almost a one woman show with rotating support characters (/ villains?), and she does a significantly large portion of the work.

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