Henry Spencer tries to survive his industrial environment, his angry girlfriend, and the unbearable screams of his newly born mutant child.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Henry Spencer: Jack Nance
  • Mary X: Charlotte Stewart
  • Mr. X: Allen Joseph
  • Mrs. X: Jeanne Bates
  • Beautiful Girl Across the Hall: Judith Roberts
  • Lady in the Radiator: Laurel Near
  • Landlady (Long Version): V. Phipps-Wilson
  • Man in the Planet: Jack Fisk
  • Grandmother: Jean Lange
  • The Boy: Thomas Coulson
  • Bum: John Monez
  • Paul: Darwin Joston
  • The Boss: T. Max Graham
  • Pencil Machine Operator: Hal Landon Jr.
  • Little Girl: Jennifer Chambers Lynch
  • Little Boy: Brad Keeler
  • Person Digging in the Alley (Long Version): Peggy Lynch
  • Person Digging in the Alley (Long Version): Doddie Keeler
  • Man with Cigar: Gill Dennis
  • Man Fighting: Toby Keeler
  • Mr. Roundheels: Jack Walsh

Film Crew:

  • Special Effects: Frederick Elmes
  • Sound Effects: David Lynch
  • Executive Producer: Fred Baker
  • Director of Photography: Herbert Cardwell
  • Assistant Camera: Catherine E. Coulson
  • Sound: Alan Splet
  • Original Music Composer: Peter Ivers
  • Production Manager: Doreen G. Small

Movie Reviews:

  • PostCut_The_Film_Podcast:

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    “For anybody of a given age or someone who is a real cinephile… You only need to hear… David Lynch. The first impression I had was tension, then I watched it again… it’s nightmarish.” David M. Brown.

    “It’s one of those things that can only be described as a lucid dream come to life. It takes a certain caliber of person to actually put out work like that. And it’s not crazy…. It’s Genius.” Sarah Peterson.

    “Definitely a brain Burner. It was definitely the weirdest movie I’ve watched. I can’t describe this movie in words… It’s not of this earth. I want to go sit in a corner in a dark place and think. This is not a movie…. It’s beyond a movie.” David Veerkamp

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