The One I Love

On the brink of separation, Ethan and Sophie escape to a beautiful vacation house for a weekend getaway in an attempt to save their marriage. What begins as a romantic and fun retreat soon becomes surreal, when an unexpected discovery forces the two to examine themselves, their relationship, and their future.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Ethan: Mark Duplass
  • Sophie: Elisabeth Moss
  • Therapist: Ted Danson
  • Waitress: Kiana Cason
  • Diner Patron: Kaitlyn Dodson
  • Diner Patron: Lori Farrar
  • Diner Patron: Marlene Malin
  • Diner Patron: Tim Peddicord
  • Diner Patron: Ryan Pederson
  • Doug (voice): Brett Bietz
  • Dave (voice): Sean O’Malley
  • Mom (voice): Mary Steenburgen
  • Brett (voice): Drew Langer
  • Ellen (voice): Jennifer Spriggs
  • Madison (voice): Charlie McDowell
  • Victoria (voice): Mel Eslyn
  • Other Male (voice): Jeremy Mackie
  • Other Female (voice): Liz Lash

Film Crew:

  • Thanks: Steven Soderbergh
  • Thanks: Malcolm McDowell
  • Thanks: Mary Steenburgen
  • Thanks: David Fincher
  • Thanks: Ceán Chaffin
  • Thanks: Andrew Kevin Walker
  • Executive Producer: Jay Duplass
  • Executive Producer: Mark Duplass
  • Executive Producer: Charlie McDowell
  • Costume Design: Rooney Mara
  • Sound: Gene Park
  • Director of Photography: Doug Emmett
  • Original Music Composer: Saunder Jurriaans
  • Art Direction: Erika Toth
  • Second Assistant Director: Drew Langer
  • Original Music Composer: Danny Bensi
  • Writer: Justin Lader
  • Editor: Jennifer Lilly
  • Makeup & Hair: Liz Lash
  • Foley Artist: Leslie Bloome
  • Painter: Jeremy Cisneros
  • Producer: Mel Eslyn
  • Production Design: Theresa Guleserian
  • Sound Designer: Josh Berger
  • Apprentice Sound Editor: Joanna Fang
  • Production Sound Mixer: Sean O’Malley
  • Sound Editor: Danny Meltzer
  • Sound Editor: Christopher Ayoub
  • Foley Mixer: Carl Shillito
  • Assistant Sound Editor: Ja-Ann Wang
  • Boom Operator: Brett Bietz
  • Graphic Designer: Bienna Mortensen
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Stefan Scherperel

Movie Reviews:

  • Reno: > A unique way to let go of your marriage problems!

    This is a slow start, but the second half makes it worth a watch. You better know nothing about the film, just have it and enjoy your time. Because that was the case for me and then I found it a good one. I don’t know this director, but Mark Duplass was doing such kind of unique concept small films. So there’s no surprise, except I did know I would end up liking it very much.

    When it comes to the film theme, kind of resembles ‘Coherence’. The whole film revolves around a married couple, except in the beginning. So it is a minimal cast film that is set in a remote place villa. As their therapist’s instruction a couple who are on the edge of losing their marriage, tries a weekend getaway to patch the differences. But end up encountering the strange events that pleases them more than what they’ve expected. When they begin to realise the reality, comes the trouble to fix it once for all.

    The third act was amazing. The pace keeps getting better and the tension in the story simply creates enough curiosity about the ending. But the conclusion was very basic and guessable. I liked the honest than too much fancy. Still the viewers look for the answers regarding how it ended which is kind of a wide open for the discussions.

    I love modern sci-fi dramas, especially in the last one decade, I have been enjoying them a lot, which are highly intelligent yet casually narrated on the screen that anybody can understand easily. If you had liked films such as ‘Coherence’, ‘Another Earth’, ‘Her’, ‘Melanchony’ et cetera, then surely would have a good time with it.


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