American Pie Presents: Girls’ Rules

It’s Senior year at East Great Falls. Annie, Kayla, Michelle, and Stephanie decide to harness their girl power and band together to get what they want their last year of high school.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Annie Watson: Madison Pettis
  • Kayla: Piper Curda
  • Grant: Darren Barnet
  • Stephanie Stifler: Lizze Broadway
  • Ellen: Sara Rue
  • Lily: Jeannie Elise Mai
  • Meredith: Lily Bleu Andrew
  • Misty: Stephanie Wong
  • Michelle: Natasha Behnam
  • McCormick: Lucas Adams
  • PeePaw: Barry Bostwick
  • Mrs. Sawyer: Lisa Linke
  • Rose: Rasheda Crockett
  • Jason: Zayne Emory
  • Tim: Camaron Engels
  • Emmett: Zachary Gordon
  • Joe: Clint Howard
  • Guest Star: Dylan Lawson
  • Principal Shankman: Robert Peters
  • Kevin: Ed Quinn
  • Mr. Garcia the Janitor: Danny Trejo
  • Oliver: Christian Valderrama
  • Mr. Sawyer: Blayne Weaver

Film Crew:

  • Producer: Mike Elliott
  • Music: Tim Jones
  • Producer: Joseph P. Genier
  • Screenplay: Blayne Weaver
  • Screenplay: David H. Steinberg
  • Executive In Charge Of Production: George Engel
  • Editor: Charles Norris
  • Still Photographer: Michael Moriatis
  • Director of Photography: Damian Horan
  • Makeup Department Head: Alyssa Morgan
  • Driver: J. Armin Garza II
  • Driver: Chris Walden
  • Casting: Caitlin Well
  • Casting: Jennifer Presser
  • Gaffer: Jeffrey Peters
  • Editor: Maria Friesen
  • Costume Design: Barbara Vazquez
  • Co-Producer: Karen Gorodetzky
  • Co-Producer: Abbey Lessanu
  • Graphic Designer: Rose Westerman

Movie Reviews:

  • Kamurai: Really good watch, would watch again, and can recommend.

    While traditional American Pie fans might be disappointed, as it has been more of a “boy’s club” movie franchise, this franchise knows how to handle sex-based teen comedy in a “healthy-ish” way with just the right amount of tact (or lack there of).

    This clearly parallels the original movie, with 4 high schoolers making a “sex pact”, but where guys get in there own way about their lack of sexual potential, teen girls tend to have less of an issue so it becomes, not getting sex, but getting the right sex, and in a somewhat predictable fashion, competing over a boy.

    Because they’re searching for “something” that is clearly going to be evident in much more compatible people that we’re first led to believe, but the journey is actually told in a really great way.

    The cast did a great job on deliveries and embodying their characters. It’s not going to be my favorite “American Pie”, but it certainly has more charm and a more reasonable story line that any of the other movies.

    Fans of “Booksmart” and “CockBlockers” will likely enjoy this. Possibly fans of “John Tucker Must Die” as well.

  • 251Family: **I realize film industry has started down this path and theres probably no turning back… so I wont even go into it… what I will say is tho… yet another “remake” absolutely wrecked with the push of this new narrative … to literally “white wash” great content of old and interject this new “narrative”… It along single handidly will eventually kill off Hollywood before this virus does… **
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