4th Man Out

After a night of drinking, Adam Hutcherson stumbles out of the closet to his three straight buddies. A disruption to their dynamic which they now must try and overcome through alcohol, Tinder dates and forgiveness.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Adam: Evan Todd
  • Chris: Parker Young
  • Nick: Chord Overstreet
  • Ortu: Jon Gabrus
  • Tracy: Jennifer Damiano
  • Jessica: Jordan Lane Price
  • Karen: Kate Flannery
  • Dorothy Cuda: Laura Harrier
  • Martha: Brooke Dillman
  • Paul the Stoner: Alex Rennie
  • Marc Peters: Jake Epstein
  • Bradstar: Doug Moe
  • Matt: Nick Clark
  • Michelle: Danelle Eliav
  • Frank: Rich Lounello
  • Lindsay: Heather Sage Blair
  • Ronnie: Ron Polacco
  • Father O’Malley: Mitch Giannunzio
  • Father O’Malley: Brandon Gill
  • Giovanni: Tommy Bracco
  • Proctor: Trey Gerrald
  • Julian: Lucas Hazlett
  • Derek: Sean Hankinson
  • Steve: Marquis Wood
  • Kim: Karlee Fomalont
  • Ugo: Christopher Whalen
  • Brenda: Erika Smith
  • Freddie: Kenneth De Abrew
  • Wanda: Vanessa Thorpe
  • Papa Ortu: Brett Eidman
  • Grandma Ortu: Elisabeth Henry-Macari
  • Bradstar Image: Drake Abshire
  • Bar Patron: Tyler Barnes
  • Dive Bar Bartender: Cristina DiCarlo
  • Dive Bar Patron: Emily Gardner
  • BBQ Guest: Nnete Matima
  • Gay bar / Dive bar patron: Kenneth McBain
  • Grandpa Ortu: Steven Patrick O’Connor
  • Brett: Merritt Reid
  • Dive Bar Patron: Kyrsten St. Pierre

Film Crew:

  • Supervising Sound Editor: Christopher Sheldon
  • Music: Herman Beeftink
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Yagmur Kaplan
  • Thanks: Nicole Signore
  • Digital Intermediate Colorist: Michael Eaves
  • Editor: Michael P. Shawver
  • Director: Andrew Nackman
  • Director of Photography: Damian Horan
  • Art Direction: Bonnie Bacevich
  • Sound Effects Editor: Matthew Whitehurst
  • Production Supervisor: Heidi Philipsen
  • Visual Effects Producer: Jamison Huber
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Connor Meechan
  • Music Score Producer: Dave Berg
  • Executive Producer: Evan Todd
  • Writer: Aaron Dancik
  • Producer: Lauren Avinoam
  • Producer: Lauren Hogarth
  • Music Supervisor: Sean Fernald
  • Wardrobe Assistant: Cailan Calandro
  • Foley Editor: Cody Morris
  • Costume Design: Alex Simone
  • Executive Producer: Katie Leary
  • Key Grip: Michael Cox
  • Foley Editor: Josh Kupanoff
  • Casting: Karlee Fomalont
  • First Assistant Camera: Samantha Pyra
  • Producer: Jed Mellick
  • Second Assistant Director: Brian Papworth
  • First Assistant Director: Ariana Malik
  • Gaffer: Adam Goral
  • Sound Mixer: David Thompson
  • Boom Operator: Matt Joyer
  • Executive Producer: David LaHorgue
  • Production Design: Maria Dirolf
  • Casting: Erica A. Hart
  • Grip: Gary Flugge
  • Location Manager: Elizabeth Shea
  • Key Makeup Artist: Heather Hogarth
  • Makeup Artist: Candy Johnson
  • Makeup Artist: Genn Shaughnessy
  • Makeup Artist: James Weisel
  • Unit Production Manager: Travis Swantner
  • Set Dresser: Zach Lanoue
  • Electrician: Max Schwartz
  • Background Casting Director: Carolyn Cocca
  • Location Scout: Michael J. Camoin
  • Music Consultant: Fay Aiyana

Movie Reviews:

  • Reno: > No matter what comes between, the friendship remains forever!

    I had seen lots of gay themed films, but this one was different and way better I felt. This was not about the romance, sex or the social struggle, it was about the friendship and nothing else. When one of four friends reveal that he’s a gay, how the remaining three reacts to it and what are all damages done to their longstanding friendship is the film.

    I don’t know any of these actors, but I liked their performance. And for the first timer, the direction was not bad which was done in just 17 days. Obviously not a greatest film of the year or the best gay film ever, but it had some great moments. A simple story about the four ordinary friends, and their unexpected situation to deal with. Something they’re not used to it, but trying their best to adapt forth in the life.

    Only occasional use of a few obscene lines, so the film is safe to watch for all. It avoids the some usual gay related cliché, and provides with a fresh storyline. The laughs were not big, especially it avoids the offendable joke topics the most. So overall a decent comedy. For its low budget, the film actually looked like a big production film with a quality narration. Maybe you’re not interested in the gay films, but if you do, then don’t miss this little gem.


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