Cemetery Man

A cemetery man has the unusual problem of the dead rising from the grave. Himself and his assistant must end these creatures’ lives again after they are reborn. Everything is going well until “She” comes along and stirs things up a bit.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Francesco Dellamorte: Rupert Everett
  • Gnaghi: François Hadji-Lazaro
  • She: Anna Falchi
  • Marshall Straniero: Mickey Knox
  • Valentina Scanarotti: Fabiana Formica
  • Doctor Vercesi: Clive Riche
  • Claudio’s Girlfriend: Katja Anton
  • Magda: Barbara Cupisti
  • Franco: Anton Alexander
  • New Mayor Civardi: Pietro Genuardi
  • Claudio’s Mother: Patrizia Punzo
  • Mayor Scanarotti: Stefano Masciarelli
  • Luigi Ghigini: Vito Passeri
  • Claudio: Alessandro Zamattio
  • …: Marijn Koopman
  • Augusto Martin: Renato Donis
  • Pia Chiaromondo: Claudia Lawrence
  • Hospital Nurse: Francesca Gamba
  • Monk: Elio Cesari
  • Hospital Doctor: Maurizio Romoli
  • Franco’s Nurse: Maddalena Ischiale
  • Hospital Sister: Elena Fresco
  • Man in City Square (uncredited): Michele Soavi
  • Young Zombie (uncredited): Andrea De Sica
  • Gravedigger (uncredited): Bruno Romagnoli

Film Crew:

  • Executive Producer: Conchita Airoldi
  • Costume Design: Maurizio Millenotti
  • Hairstylist: Maria Teresa Corridoni
  • Makeup Artist: Gino Zamprioli
  • Original Music Composer: Manuel De Sica
  • Executive Producer: Michèle Ray-Gavras
  • Cinematography: Mauro Marchetti
  • Producer: Michele Soavi
  • Makeup Artist: Sergio Stivaletti
  • Assistant Director: Julie Gavras
  • Novel: Tiziano Sclavi
  • Writer: Gianni Romoli
  • Production Design: Massimo Antonello Geleng
  • Set Decoration: Roberto Caruso
  • Producer: Tilde Corsi
  • Executive Producer: Dino Di Dionisio
  • Assistant Director: Francesca Marra
  • Producer: Heinz Bibo
  • Original Music Composer: Riccardo Biseo
  • Costume Design: Alfonsina Lettieri
  • Makeup Artist: Daniel Auber
  • Makeup Artist: Enrico Iacoponi
  • Makeup Artist: Marijn Koopman
  • Makeup Artist: Barbara Morosetti
  • Makeup Artist: Francesco Motolese
  • Hairstylist: Sabrina Ranalli
  • Unit Manager: Carla Bernardin
  • Assistant Director: Enrico Grassi

Movie Reviews:

  • CinemaSerf: This is hilarious. Aside from showing us just how fit Rupert Everett was back in 1994, it’s a daft and enjoyable zombie caper. He is the aptly named cemetery manager “Dellamorte” whom along with his always hungry sidekick “Gnaghi” (François Hadji-Lazaro) is charged with making sure that those he buries actually stay dead! He’s pretty much got this all down to a fine art until the arrival of the gorgeous “She” (Anna Falchi). At this point, his system goes to pot and he finds loads of new uses for the gravestones – under one, it would appear, lies her recently deceased husband! The production is cheap and cheerful, the zombies are relatively easy to dispose of and thus the emphasis can quite squarely be on the eye-candy acting talent who hide nothing from each other (or us). There is a great scene where a bus loaded with passengers takes out both it and some motorcyclists – giving him quite a backlog next day. That sort of typifies what we get here. It will in no way stimulate your brain, but it is quite entertaining.
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