Never Would Have Made It: The Marvin Sapp Story

Childhood best friends Marvin and Malinda find love in each other as they overcome their personal adversities and build one of the greatest gospel music careers of all time.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Marvin Sapp: Chaz Lamar Shepherd
  • Self: Marvin L. Sapp
  • Malinda Sapp: Ambre Anderson
  • JC: Josue Louis-Charles
  • Young Marvin Sapp: Khamary Rose
  • Dr. Braxton: Annunziata Gianzero
  • Henry Sapp: Jay Jones
  • Lodena: Charmin Lee
  • Fred Hammond: Kevin Saunders
  • Mikayla Sapp: Stormy Merriwether
  • Bishop Abney: Glenn Magee
  • Kevin: Vonii Bristow
  • Reggie: William R. Bryan
  • Church Lady: Kaycee Campbell
  • Keshia: Kennedy Chanel
  • Dr. Winsor: Scott Deal
  • Young Darnell Sapp: Bryant K Graves
  • Madison Sapp: Zoé Greene
  • Marvin Sapp Jr: Jayden Griffin
  • Theodore aka Smoove: Timothy Church Lockett
  • …: Leah Mondy
  • Young Malinda Sapp: Dawn Raven
  • Jackson / Young Jackson: Seth Schenall
  • young Henry Sapp Jr: Jonah Liam Slade
  • Student: Hailey Nicole Ralston

Film Crew:

  • Director: Russ Parr
  • Writer: Greg Cally
  • Writer: Sam Washington

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