TIFF 2022: “752 Is Not A Number”

Rating: 4 out of 5.

When you are from an authoritarian country, you know by now you don’t go against the government. Because once you do it, the life you have will be gone. Thus, if someone still stands up against corruption and injustice, it’s a monumental move worth noticing.

“752 Is Not A Number” follows Hamed Esmaelion, who loses his wife and his daughter during the shootdown of Ukraine International Flight 752 by the Iranian military. Seeking justice and answers, director Babak Payami follows the devastated father who becomes a spokesperson for the family and victims of 752. Making sure it is not forgotten, Hamed keeps the memory alive, as he continues his unequal fight towards the system that shields the truth at all cost.

Babak Payami’s documentary offers a heartbreaking journey of every person’s worst nightmare through Hamed’s inspiring journey. While the Iranian government admits to the accident, Hamed does not stop there and revives his investigation or interviews despite all the obstacles arising occasionally. Through his determination, we see a different perspective of the A 752 flight, and that is something what the title said already – 752 is not just a number and that is something the iranian government, thanks to Hamed Esmellion, won’t ever forget.

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