Danny Collins

An ageing hard-living 1970s rock star decides to change his life when he discovers a 40-year-old undelivered letter written to him by John Lennon.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Danny Collins: Al Pacino
  • Samantha Leigh Donnelly: Jennifer Garner
  • Mary Sinclair: Annette Bening
  • Tom Donnelly: Bobby Cannavale
  • Jamie: Melissa Benoist
  • Frank Grubman: Christopher Plummer
  • Nicky: Josh Peck
  • Sophie: Katarina Čas
  • Guy DeLoach: Nick Offerman
  • Hope Donnelly: Giselle Eisenberg
  • Judd / Busy Work: Brian Thomas Smith
  • Dr. Ryan Kurtz: Scott Lawrence
  • Neighbor Steve: Michael Patrick McGill
  • Marty: Kiff VandenHeuvel
  • Young Danny Collins: Eric Michael Roy
  • Young Danny Collins: Davide Donatiello
  • Dr. Silverman: Eric Lange
  • Nurse Nikita: Aarti Mann
  • Josh the Bartender: Joshua Sternlicht
  • Roadie: Travis Johns
  • Tim: Tim Jo
  • Autograph Seeker: Hiroshi Moroto
  • Hotel Bar Patron: Margy Moore
  • Hotel Bar Patron: Eric Newnham
  • Night Club Fan: Francine Levinson
  • Night Club Fan: Hal Alpert
  • Night Club Fan: Henri C. Wittelsohn
  • Chime In Magazine Intern: Patrick Kudej
  • Danny’s Background Singer: Carmel Echols
  • Danny’s Background Singer: Judith Hill
  • Danny’s Background Singer: Kari Kimmel
  • Danny’s Band: Don Was
  • Danny’s Band: CJ Vanston
  • Danny’s Band: Kenny Aronoff
  • Danny’s Band: Tim Pierce
  • Danny’s Band: Mindi Abair
  • Danny’s Band: Bill Cantos
  • Danny’s Band: George Doering
  • Danny’s Band: Darrell Leonard
  • Kissing Couple (uncredited): Kristin Brock
  • Eye Candy (uncredited): Elsi Eng
  • Ballerina (uncredited): Olivia Gonzales
  • Ballerina (uncredited): Laura Krystine
  • Danny’s Doll (uncredited): Anne McDaniels
  • Red Vine Lady #1 (uncredited): Roz McHenry
  • Red Vine Lady #2 (uncredited): Elaine Partnow
  • Red Vine Lady #3 (uncredited): Jane Shayne
  • Groupie (uncredited): Cassandra Starr
  • Asian Fan #2 (uncredited): Linda Wang
  • Party Guest (uncredited): Richard Allan Jones

Film Crew:

  • Executive Producer: Denise Di Novi
  • Music: Theodore Shapiro
  • Casting: Mindy Marin
  • Executive Producer: Monica Levinson
  • Director: Dan Fogelman
  • Makeup Department Head: Bill Corso
  • Producer: Jessie Nelson
  • Set Decoration: Claudette Didul
  • Editor: Julie Monroe
  • Director of Photography: Steve Yedlin
  • Executive Producer: Declan Baldwin
  • Music: Ryan Adams
  • Production Design: Dan Bishop
  • Costume Design: Sophie de Rakoff
  • Art Direction: Christopher Brown
  • Producer: Nimitt Mankad
  • Executive Producer: Shivani Rawat
  • First Assistant Editor: Carlos Castillon

Movie Reviews:

  • Reno: > A 40 year old letter and the road to redemption.

    First of all, the director proved the script is very important to a film’s success. He wrote it, basically he’s a screenplay writer who had written many great stuffs and this film is his first directional venture. He excelled it by picking the right stuffs for the project. As the great actors on-board, it was shot in the fine locations and the music was wonderful. It should have been a dream coming true for him, for a great project to work with.

    The dialogues were so brilliant like the poems. I’m sure you won’t end watching it without having fun because there were many small-small jokes attached everywhere. It was inspired by the real story of a person, but I think they have made some changes for a cinematic translation, hence it is not a biopic.

    Mainly it revolves around 4-5 characters and the cast were amazing in their respective roles. Especially the Al Pacino, without him this film would have not been this much exciting. If you’re an his ardent fan, you will going love this from your heart and others as well find it a beautiful drama-music. He was nominated for Golden Globe Awards for his excellent title role display. A very appropriate film for him for his age.

    You know in this era, film fans are looking for what superhero film is going to hit the screen, a heartwarming film like this is what makes them realise still there’s a hope for small scale films. Only if they’re a welcoming type. Especially for the yesteryears actor who are physically can’t compete with the young generation actors, films like this is a breather.

    This is a tale of an aging star singer who one day discovers a letter written for him by an another great singer of his generation when he was yet to taste the success. 40 years later, that mean now he decides to quit his music tour and begin to trace his family for the unfinished business. So the remaining narration reveals lots of inspiring and heartbreaking events.

    > “If I am going to find any kind of redemption, I can’t waste any more time.”

    Life as a singer, especially being old and seeking redemption won’t quite end as expected. Over the 40 years of addiction to drugs, booze and women, a self-discovery sail begins. In an unpredictable world, anything might happen and so this man’s journey tells the impact on the family he’s going to meet. It is not just about facing the one who he had abandoned long ago and now trying to fix it, but in reality, life is not easy, especially family means lots of commitment and choosing the best for it should be priority where this film opts that root to reveal a story.

    It is almost a good family film, but for the theme the drug parts were essential, so that changed its rating. The sub-plots like how he tries to win a date add more on the romance side of the tale. Kind of predictable because of the heartwarming drama, but differences were made from the twists in the narration. Not of that breathtaking kind, just developed to have a fresh aspect an the well known theme. Especially the ending was so simple yet very cool.

    As usual Bobby Cannavale was in a supporting role, but it was kind of different. He shined like a star, he appeared in a well noticeable character than ever. Along with Jennifer Garner, his performance in the film covered an important portion. So it is not just Al Pacino, these guys as well deserves to be appreciated for their contribution. A film that kind of resembles the recent ‘Ricki and the Flash’, except it was a male version. A product like this hard to come by, so consider to check it out. That means I’m recommending it.


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