Silent Life

1926: While on tour promoting his latest movie “Son Of The Sheik”, Rudolph Valentino, the Hollywood silent screen icon, suffers a sudden collapse and is hospitalized at the New York Polyclinic Hospital. After an emergency surgery, Valentino loses his grip on reality and, while hallucinating, reexperiences his life in Hollywood from – as a silent film shown at a movie palace, the magical portal between life and eternity, between reality and illusion. Dubbed “The Great Lover” around the world, Valentino plays dashing and virile Sheiks on the screen and drives his female audience into hysteria. However, his private life is a complete failure – the Sheik cannot satisfy even his own domineering wife. Snapping back to reality, Valentino finds himself abandoned, alone and stricken with illness. Pam, a young deaf-mute Valentino’s fan, who works as a nurses’ aid at the hospital, will show the God of Love for the first time in his life what love can truly mean.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Dick Dorgan: Jack Osbourne
  • Madame Alla Nazimova: Sherilyn Fenn
  • Gabriella Guglielmi: Isabella Rossellini
  • Spirit: Franco Nero
  • Alexander De Salm: Paul Rodríguez
  • Dr. Mecker: Monte Markham
  • Lady in Black: Terry Moore
  • Hotel Clerk: Paris Dylan
  • Rudolph Valentino: Vladislav Kozlov

Film Crew:

  • Director of Photography: Sergey Kozlov
  • Director: Vladislav Kozlov

Movie Reviews:

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