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A woman who is robbed on her way to catch the 1:30 train to Boston is left stranded in New York City. She meets a man who helps her during the course of the night and the two form a romance.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Nick Vaughan: Chris Evans
  • Brooke Dalton: Alice Eve
  • Hannah Dempsey: Emma Fitzpatrick
  • Danny: Mark Kassen
  • Tyler: Daniel Spink
  • Cole: Elijah Moreland
  • Harry: John Cullum
  • Concierge: Scott Evans
  • Driver: Kevin Carolan
  • Janitor: Fenton Lawless

Film Crew:

  • Writer: Ronald Bass
  • Producer: McG
  • Producer: Chris Evans
  • Editor: John Axelrad
  • Producer: Howard Baldwin
  • Producer: Karen Elise Baldwin
  • Producer: William J. Immerman
  • Producer: Mark Kassen
  • Supervising Sound Editor: Trip Brock
  • Producer: Mary Viola
  • Director of Photography: John Guleserian
  • Original Music Composer: Chris Westlake
  • Executive Producer: Peter Pastorelli
  • Set Decoration: Daniel R. Kersting
  • Costume Design: Anney Perrine
  • Sound Effects Editor: G.W. Pope III
  • Makeup Department Head: Elisabeth Fry
  • Writer: Chris Shafer
  • Writer: Paul Vicknair
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Kelly Vandever
  • Production Design: Theresa Guleserian
  • Art Direction: Arthur Jongewaard
  • Writer: Jen Smolka
  • Set Dresser: Robert S. Dressel
  • Sound Effects Editor: Caleb Hollenback
  • Set Dresser: Jim Bauer
  • Sound Mixer: Jerry Stein
  • Executive Producer: James McGough

Movie Reviews:

  • Reno: > One night adventure with a stranger!

    In his 15 year old acting career it was the Chris Evan’s first direction. Many actors had tried that and only a few had succeeded, but some of them just preferred a low cost, simple project to avoid a major disaster. He also produced it and acted alongside the British actress Alice Eve. The film was a one night event based theme which begins when a young woman misses her train, and later forced to spend the night with a stranger after her purse got stolen. During lots of time left for the next train, theirs little adventure begins as they embark around the city.

    This is really a solid film. Well written screenplay and performed with a beautiful night adventure in the city that never sleeps. The problem with me was, I had seen many similar flicks, so this one looked okay, in a good way, but not that awesome. Still a fine film and definitely highly recommend others who like drama-romance. The plus point was the actors, the chemistry was brilliant. The story was very good, yet like I said it was so simple.

    It was not just two who meet and develop a friendship or a relationship, but they both reveal their story behind their visit to the city. At first it was a casual disclose, but the true reason comes out when they begin to trust each other and feel comfortable. So each of their tale has a small twist in the same night to overcome that was troubling them for some time. The film makes the impression that they two are made for each other, but only the final scene reveals how their destiny ends when the dawn breaks out. Not so clever, but an enjoyable little gem, maybe a perfect film for the date night.


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