Slamdance 2023: “Subway Stops”

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Riding a bus or train is an adventure on its own. Sometimes, it is filled with risks too. You never know if you will get home alive or if your life will get interrupted somewhere along the way. That, of course, is an extreme thought if we allow our minds to tune to what we would not wish anybody to end up with.

Joe Zakko, a young talented filmmaker, offers a glimpse of what the famous New York subways offer –  craziness, craziness and craziness. But on top of that, it shows how people connect with one another. That connection is created by just sitting side by side with the dancer, musician or just a homeless person. All the different characters come together to show how different we are but how close we can get, even if it’s just for a quick moment.

It’s a decent short film that allows the filmmaker to explore the human connection during brief moments. As an audience, we can tell how big the New York subway station is. We also learn how rich it is with multiculturalism, artistic people or just those who mind their own business. As the train moves from one stop to another, the short film manages to connect them together through amazingly familiar strangers.

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