Sundance 2023: “The Night Logan Woke Up”

© Fred Gervais

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

It’s a known fact that a lie has a short leg, and whatever it does, no matter how fast it runs – it eventually comes out. When it finally escapes the maze it creates for itself, it turns out to be widely known as absurd, a truth that can either rebuild life or ruin it for good.

“The Night Logan Woke Up” is an adaptation of the popular stage play, “La nuit ou Laurier Gaudreault s’est reveille”, from playwright Michel Marc Bouchard. It takes place between the early 90s and 30 years later. As it revolves around the Larouche Family’s dark secret, they get reunited due to the death of Maddy, the matriarch of the family. What unfolds afterwards proves that the trauma gained in youth sadly does leave its marks. Upon Mimi’s reappearance to embalm her mother, her brothers, Denis, Julien and Elliot, are shaken to the core as the memory of their youth and their friendship with Logan resurfaces.

Anything related to a dark secret is interesting and intriguing if it is well executed. Xavier Dolan, who not only directs the series but portrays Elliot Larouche, masterfully recreates the dark tones of the past and cleverly translates them into the present time. Excellent cast lead by incomparable Julie LeBreton (what a perfect choice to play broken and deeply traumatized Mimi), Patrick Hivon, Erick Bruneau, and Anne Durval, portraying the deceased Mady, allows the audience to fully engage with the highly complex storyline and understand their pain, as they go through it.

That being said, “The Night Logan Woke Up” is a limited series done with taste. Composer Hans Zimmer helps to shape the dark tone as well by scoring one of the best music for television. As for the concept, it is eventually about the choices we make. Whether it is wrong or right, it will have longer consequences on anyone’s life. As for the LaRouche family, they are not on the right side of history. But will they make it right or worse is something you will look forward to finding.

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