The Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior

The heroic tale of young Mathayus and his relentless quest for justice against an evil and powerful villain, King Sargon. Mathayus faces heart-stopping tribulations during his adventurous, odds-defying trajectory toward his ultimate destiny: becoming the formidable warrior king of an ancient desert empire.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Mathayus: Michael Copon
  • Sargon: Randy Couture
  • Layla (as Karen David): Karen David
  • Ari: Simon Quarterman
  • Fong: Tom Wu
  • Pollux: Andreas Wisniewski
  • Astarte: Natalie Becker
  • Baldo: Jeremy Crutchley
  • Jesup: Shane Manie
  • Young Noah: Chase Agulhas
  • Young Mathayus: Pierre Marais
  • General Abalgamash: Warrick Grier
  • King Hammurabi: Az Abrahams
  • Gudean Emissary: Vaneshran Arumugam
  • Molokh: Mike Thompson
  • Black Eyed Soldier: Wayne Shields
  • Woman in Swamp: Diane Wilson
  • Soldier: Nathan Fredericks
  • New High Priest: Sean Higgs
  • High Priest: Robin Smith
  • Ashur: Peter Butler

Film Crew:

  • Music: Klaus Badelt
  • Characters: Stephen Sommers
  • Producer: Sean Daniel
  • Producer: James Jacks
  • Art Direction: Jonathan Hely-Hutchinson
  • Production Design: Tom Hannam
  • Co-Producer: David Wicht
  • Co-Producer: Thomas Becker
  • Casting: Jeremy Zimmermann
  • Director: Russell Mulcahy
  • Executive Producer: Kevin Misher
  • Co-Producer: Jörg Westerkamp
  • Director of Photography: Glynn Speeckaert
  • Casting: Manuel Puro
  • Writer: Randall McCormick
  • Art Direction: Christophe Dalberg
  • Line Producer: Nina Heyns
  • Editor: John Gilbert
  • Producer: Lisa Gooding
  • Props: Steven Saunders

Movie Reviews:

  • Gimly: A lower point than even _Tomb of the Dragon Emperor_. Made exactly one smart decision in its entire 109 minute runtime, and it was a financial one.

    _Final rating:★ – Of no value._

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