The Final Girls

A young woman grieving the loss of her mother, a famous scream queen from the 1980s, finds herself pulled into the world of her mom’s most famous movie. Reunited, the women must fight off the film’s maniacal killer.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Max Cartwright: Taissa Farmiga
  • Nancy / Amanda Cartwright: Malin Åkerman
  • Vicki Summers: Nina Dobrev
  • Chris Briggs: Alexander Ludwig
  • Kurt: Adam DeVine
  • Duncan: Thomas Middleditch
  • Gertie Michaels: Alia Shawkat
  • Paula: Chloe Bridges
  • Tina: Angela Trimbur
  • Blake: Tory N. Thompson
  • Hunky Hiker: Reginald Robinson
  • Mimi: Lauren Gros
  • Billy Murphy: Dan B. Norris
  • Young Billy Murphy: Eric Michael Carney
  • Doctor: Cory Hart
  • Nurse: Jackie Tuttle
  • Mean Kid: Bryce Romero
  • Bloodbath Trailer VO (voice): Steve French
  • Crying Girl In Fire (uncredited): Ashen Bonaventure
  • (uncredited): Elise Alexis Covell
  • Actress at audition (uncredited): Ronnie Hooks
  • (uncredited): Antonio Innis

Film Crew:

  • Casting: Kerry Barden
  • Producer: Michael London
  • Casting: Paul Schnee
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Lewis Goldstein
  • Editor: Debbie Berman
  • Executive Producer: Joshua John Miller
  • Director: Todd Strauss-Schulson
  • Music Supervisor: Susan Jacobs
  • Script Supervisor: Jennifer Carriere
  • Still Photographer: Hilary Bronwyn Gayle
  • Costume Design: Lynette Meyer
  • Producer: Janice Williams
  • Production Design: Katie Byron
  • Local Casting: Tracy Kilpatrick
  • Foley Artist: Shaun Brennan
  • Unit Production Manager: Darren M. Demetre
  • Special Effects Makeup Artist: Elvis Jones
  • Stunt Double: Chelsea Bruland
  • Director of Photography: Elie Smolkin
  • Makeup Artist: Lauren Thomas
  • Set Decoration: Rachael Ferrara
  • Stunt Double: Brooklyn Proctor
  • Assistant Makeup Artist: Amy C. Weinberg
  • Stunt Double: Jodi Lyn Brockton
  • Location Manager: Bonnie Marquette
  • Studio Teacher: Lauri Mills
  • ADR Editor: Cate Montana
  • Executive Producer: M.A. Fortin
  • Costume Supervisor: Shareen Chehade
  • Original Music Composer: Gregory James Jenkins
  • Property Master: Rose Leiker
  • Stunt Double: Holly O’Quin
  • Stunt Double: Meredith Richardson
  • Stunt Double: Brittany Romatowski
  • Stunt Coordinator: William Scharpf
  • Production Supervisor: Syndey Huynh
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: David Lebensfeld
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Grant Miller
  • Assistant Makeup Artist: April Melerine
  • Sound Mixer: Mark LeBlanc
  • Art Direction: Alexi Gomez
  • Title Designer: Teddy Blanks
  • Visual Effects Producer: Michael Lebensfeld
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Matthew Poliquin
  • Second Assistant Director: Michael Melamed
  • Camera Production Assistant: Joe Kirkpatrick
  • Stunt Double: Kari Shemwell
  • First Assistant Director: Rod Smith
  • Visual Effects Producer: Oliver Taylor

Movie Reviews:

  • Gimly: Make a slasher movie that’s about an R-rated slasher movie, then make that movie be PG-13? Solid weird ass choice. But whatever, _The Final Girls_ is some proper fun.

    _Final rating:★★★ – I liked it. Would personally recommend you give it a go._

  • Wuchak: Amusing slasher parody with heart

    This is a parody of 80’s slasher flicks, especially the Friday the 13th franchise. The story revolves around five teens somehow being translated into a fictitious 1986 slasher movie called “Camp Bloodbath.” The prematurely deceased mother (Malin Akerman) of the teen heroine (Taissa Farmiga) starred in the movie and she gets to meet her again, albeit as a young woman.

    While this 2015 film is a throwaway flick it’s reasonably entertaining, especially if you’re familiar with slasher films. What I like best is that it has heart and you can feel the loving relationship of mother and daughter. It’s also nice to see Nina Dobrev again, who’s one of the most alluring females in the cast, although she’s outshined by curvy Angela Trimbur as airhead Tina.

    The movie runs 1 hour, 28 minutes and was shot in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with some stuff done in Los Angeles.

    GRADE: B-

  • Peter89Spencer: It was silly, but entertaining. And it had room for poignant moments.
    And personally, the outtakes were the most hilarious!

    And, good cast as well.

  • Kamurai: Really good watch, would watch again, and can recommend, especially for slasher fans.

    As soon as I saw “trapped in a movie”, I was sold. I’m a big fan of survivalist situations (realistic or not), and have been waiting to find a “trapped in a movie”, as opposed to “trapped in a video game” for some time now.

    While my expectations were a bit high, I think the cast helped even me out some. This has some highly recognizable cast for 2015:
    Thomas Middleditch “Silicone Valley”
    Malin Akerman “Watchmen”
    Adam Devine “Pitch Perfect”
    Alia Shawkat “Arrested Development”
    Chloe Bridges “Pretty Little Liars”

    Most of which I’m not actually a big fan, but Taissa Farmiga ended up carrying most of the movie anyways.

    Given that they’re trapped in a slasher movie, we have to deal with several cliches, and SO MUCH meta discussion that is literally takes over the movie at certain point, but that is part of the survival strategies. We also get some pretty interesting death scenes, along with some that are more comedic than interesting.

    Surprisingly, the movie is actually both too formulaic and unique to discuss much without spoilers, so I’ll just say any slasher fan that enjoys discussion about slasher movies is going to like this one.

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