Six Days Seven Nights

When Quinn, a grouchy pilot living the good life in the South Pacific, agrees to transfer a savvy fashion editor, Robin, to Tahiti, he ends up stranded on a deserted island with her after their plane crashes. The pair avoid each other at first, until they’re forced to team up to escape from the island — and some pirates who want their heads.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Quinn Harris: Harrison Ford
  • Robin Monroe: Anne Heche
  • Frank Martin: David Schwimmer
  • Angelica: Jacqueline Obradors
  • Jager: Temuera Morrison
  • Marjorie: Allison Janney
  • Kip: Cliff Curtis
  • Pierce: Danny Trejo
  • Yacht Owner: Kerry Rossall
  • Philippe Sinclair, Resort Manager: Douglas Weston
  • Tom Marlowe, Helicopter Pilot: Ben Bode
  • Ricky, Helicopter Crewman: Derek Basco
  • Robin’s Secretary: Amy Sedaris
  • Bathing Suit Girl: Priscilla Inga Taylor
  • Pirate: Long Nguyen
  • Pirate: John Koyama
  • Pirate: Jen Sung
  • Pirate: Jake Feagai
  • Mechanic: Michael Chapman
  • Tahitian Priest at Funeral: E. Kalani Flores
  • Infirmary Orderly: Ping Wu
  • Photographer: Greg Gorman
  • Model: Hoyt Richards
  • Model: Odile Corso
  • Resort Greeter: Cynthia Langbridge
  • Hotel Clerk: Jody Kono
  • Hotel Front Desk Clerk: Michael Lushing
  • Waitress: Pua Kaholokula
  • Bellboy: Roy Dinson Jr.
  • Bellboy: Don Nahaku
  • Flight Attendant: Reri Tava Jobe
  • Flight Attendant: Natalie Goss
  • Airport Security #1: Christian Martson
  • Airport Security #2: James Edward Sclafani
  • Runway Traffic: Jason S. Nichols
  • Entertainer: Taj Mahal
  • Band Member: Fred Lunt
  • Band Member: Carlos Andrade
  • Band Member: Kester Smith
  • Band Member: Pat Cockett
  • Band Member: Wayne Jacintho
  • Band Member: Michael Barretto
  • Band Member: Rudy Costa
  • Band Member: Pancho Graham
  • Dancer: Mervyn Lilo
  • Dancer: Gordon Lilo
  • Dancer: Afa Thompson
  • Dancer: Javan Kaiama
  • Dancer: Nicole Maldonado
  • Musician: Iele
  • Musician: Aldo Paro
  • Musician: Eric Laufiso
  • Musician: Wayne Aqino
  • Musician: Vise Vitale
  • Musician: Lloyd Chandler
  • Man at Bar: Elliot M. Kaplan
  • Newspaper Salesman: Stephen Conteh
  • Man at bar (uncredited): John Kirsch
  • Airport Tourist (uncredited): Jewel McDonald
  • Swimmer (uncredited): Niko Rusakov
  • Brutalized Woman (uncredited): Theresa San-Nicholas
  • Helicopter Pilot (uncredited): Steve Stafford

Film Crew:

  • Casting: Bonnie Timmermann
  • Director of Photography: Michael Chapman
  • Producer: Roger Birnbaum
  • Editor: Sheldon Kahn
  • Casting: Michael Chinich
  • Production Design: J. Michael Riva
  • Producer: Ivan Reitman
  • Costume Design: Gloria Gresham
  • Original Music Composer: Randy Edelman
  • Set Decoration: Lauri Gaffin
  • Supervising Art Director: David F. Klassen
  • Art Direction: Richard F. Mays
  • Makeup Artist: Ken Chase
  • Unit Production Manager: Gordon A. Webb
  • Special Effects Coordinator: R. Bruce Steinheimer
  • Screenplay: Michael Browning
  • “B” Camera Operator: David Golia
  • Stunt Coordinator: Doug Coleman
  • Still Photographer: Bruce McBroom
  • Costume Supervisor: James W. Tyson
  • Supervising Sound Editor: Howell Gibbens
  • Camera Operator: Gregory Lundsgaard
  • Makeup Artist: Elaine L. Offers
  • Key Hair Stylist: Janice Alexander
  • Construction Coordinator: Walt Hadfield
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: David Goldberg
  • Script Supervisor: Judith Saunders
  • Hairstylist: Lori Guidroz
  • Hairstylist: Michael Kriston
  • Makeup Artist: Michael Laudati
  • Casting Associate: Alison E. McBryde
  • Casting Associate: Shane Liem
  • Special Effects Coordinator: Lawrence J. Cavanaugh
  • Special Effects Supervisor: Richard Zarro
  • Visual Effects Producer: David McCullough
  • Costume Supervisor: Adrienne Manhan
  • Set Costumer: Jennifer Day Young
  • Choreographer: Kapu Alquiza
  • First Assistant Director: Michael Neumann
  • Rigging Gaffer: R. Bruce Prochal
  • Production Sound Mixer: Gene S. Cantamessa
  • Key Grip: Sandy Williams
  • Second Assistant Director: Melanie Grefe
  • Boom Operator: Todd Bassman
  • Second Assistant Director: Richard Oswald
  • Dolly Grip: Alan Shultz

Movie Reviews:

  • Wuchak: _**Harrison Ford and Anne Heche as castaways on a paradisal island**_

    A small-plane pilot (Harrison Ford) is stranded on a remote Pacific island with a New York magazine editor (Anne Heche). Not only do they have to survive and find a way back to civilization, but they encounter other mortal dangers. David Schwimmer plays the woman’s fiancé while Jacqueline Obradors is on hand as the dalliance of the pilot.

    “Six Days Seven Nights” (1998) is a lost-on-a-deserted-island adventure/romance sometimes compared to “The African Queen” (1951) for obvious reasons, but “Six Days” seems more farcical. There’s also a little “Flight of the Phoenix” (1965) added to the mix.

    Harrison is charismatic as the stalwart, but slightly alcoholic loner/pilot while Heche is intelligent and likable. Unfortunately, some of their bickering comes across forced in an eye-rolling way, but the movie makes up for it with a surprisingly potent dramatic scene near the end. Beyond that, the movie is quick-paced comic book fluff that never gets boring, but also never goes deep or realistic enough for my tastes. Nevertheless, I’m a sucker for stranded-on-deserted-island flicks.

    The contrast between Heche and Obradors’ characters is interesting: Robin (Heche) is attractive in an intelligent plain-Jane kind of way while Angelica (Obradors) is alluring in a bodacious cutie manner. The fact that the latter is air-headed and morally dubious removes her from the realm of possibilities, as far as a lifelong soulmate goes. She’s babelicious, though, and the movie tastefully shows it.

    The film is short and sweet at 1 hour, 38 minutes, and was shot at Kaua’i, Hawaii. The locations are spectacular.

    GRADE: B

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