A man’s nervous breakdown causes him to leave his wife and live in his attic for several months.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Howard Wakefield: Bryan Cranston
  • Diana Wakefield: Jennifer Garner
  • Dirk Morrison: Jason O’Mara
  • Babs: Beverly D’Angelo
  • Ben Jacobs: Ian Anthony Dale
  • Emily: Pippa Bennett-Warner
  • Giselle: Ellery Sprayberry
  • Taylor: Victoria Bruno
  • Ellen: Monica Lawson
  • Herbert: Isaac Leyva
  • Professor: Frederick Keeve
  • Dr. Sondervan: Alexander Zale
  • Gleaner: Eliza Coleman
  • Homeless Man: Bill Timoney
  • Male Cop: Derek Weston

Film Crew:

  • Casting: Amy Lippens
  • Producer: Bonnie Curtis
  • Production Design: Jeannine Oppewall
  • Original Music Composer: Aaron Zigman
  • Set Decoration: Jennifer M. Gentile
  • Writer: Robin Swicord
  • Producer: Julie Lynn
  • Co-Producer: Kim H. Winther
  • Co-Executive Producer: Peter Winther
  • Short Story: E. L. Doctorow
  • Script Supervisor: Jan McWilliams
  • Stunt Coordinator: Doug Coleman
  • Editor: Matt Maddox
  • Executive Producer: Ruth Mutch
  • Co-Executive Producer: Sharon Carr
  • Co-Executive Producer: Keith Patterson
  • Costume Design: Kim H. Ngo
  • Costume Supervisor: Maria Lorenzana
  • Co-Executive Producer: Lars P. Winther
  • Co-Executive Producer: Eric Nelsen
  • Executive Producer: Brandon Powers
  • Makeup Department Head: Eryn Krueger Mekash
  • Stunts: Eliza Coleman
  • Co-Executive Producer: Jason Speer
  • Director of Photography: Andrei Bowden-Schwartz
  • Co-Executive Producer: Monica Lee Bellais
  • Co-Executive Producer: Sean Lydiard
  • Executive Producer: Kevin Lamb
  • Still Photographer: Gilles Mingasson
  • Co-Producer: Howard Young
  • Co-Executive Producer: Marty Newton
  • Co-Producer: Allison Avery Jordan
  • Executive Producer: Stephanie Pinola
  • Executive Producer: Dominick LaRuffa Jr.
  • Producer: Wendy Federman
  • Producer: Carl Moellenberg
  • Executive Producer: Maria J. McDonald
  • Co-Executive Producer: Sainty Nelsen
  • Co-Executive Producer: Amy Lynn Quinn
  • Executive Producer: Bobby Sain
  • Executive Producer: Luigi Caiola
  • Executive Producer: Joel Gardner
  • Co-Producer: Elliot Webb
  • Executive Producer: Iris Smith
  • Co-Executive Producer: Jesse Schraft
  • Co-Executive Producer: Peter Rinearson
  • Co-Executive Producer: Jill Rinearson
  • Co-Executive Producer: Michael Palitz
  • Co-Executive Producer: Gabrielle Palitz
  • Co-Executive Producer: Patricia Klausner
  • Co-Executive Producer: Jim Kierstead
  • Co-Executive Producer: Phil Kenny
  • Co-Executive Producer: Kenneth Kades
  • Executive Producer: Rob Hinderliter
  • Executive Producer: Alex Guez
  • Executive Producer: Gayle Gardner

Movie Reviews:

  • Reno: **A man who looked after his family! Literally!**

    It was like ‘Rear Window’ meets ‘Castaway on the Moon’. A unique film, pretty much pointless, though the world is full of crazy people and everything can be possible. Originally it was based on the short short of the same name. Directed by a writer turned filmmaker. Most of the film was a background narration, despite the story was not a flashback. Because it has less direct dialogues between the characters.

    Howard Wakefield is married with two kids. A hardworking man to provide everything to his family. But seems he’s not happy anymore as they are ignoring him lately. A perfect opportunity gives him a chance to know what his family can do with his absence. It might bring an end to all his doubts. Without any pre-plan, the event unfolds, but how long and the consequences, all focused on the later parts.

    Bryan Cranston was really good. He’s lately making some good films. Though I felt he was a little old for this kind of role. The rest of the cast was okay, mainly Jennifer Garner. The story was simple, but engaging. Maybe a new way to the self-discovery. I was looking forward to how the end would happen. That’s a little disappointment, yet a very safe play, regarding how the prior events took place.

    Most of the people would expect a normal cinematic narration, like with all those things, twist and turns. But this was very much like a real life, except that how Howard survived a very long time in the attic and going unnoticed. The flashback really added some interesting flavour. When you are quite clearly rooting for Howard, that old story could change your stance, perhaps to neutral. They had created a great atmosphere, the event, but I felt it all became vain when the end was not clearly says what’s the consequence. Whatever, I liked it and I surely suggest it.


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