Who Am I?

A group of covert CIA operatives trailing a potential new energy source are double-crossed by corrupt agent Morgan, who causes a helicopter crash in remote South Africa. The sole survivor, suffering severe amnesia, is nursed to recovery by a kindly native tribe who call him “Whoami” after the question he keeps asking. With the help of a mysterious reporter Christine, Whoami pieces together his past and tracks the turncoat agent and his criminal cohorts.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Lee / Who am I: Jackie Chan
  • Christine Spaak: Michelle Ferre
  • Yuki: Mirai Yamamoto
  • CIA Agent Morgan: Ron Smerczak
  • General Sharman: Ed Nelson
  • Morgan’s Hitman: Ron Smoorenburg
  • Tasek: Ken Lo
  • Takeshi: Kane Kosugi
  • Peter: Mike Ian Lambert
  • Morgan’s Hitman: Kwan Yung
  • Commando: Steve Brettingham
  • Commando: David John Saunders
  • CIA Chairman: Tom Pompert
  • CIA Secretary: Glory Simon
  • Head Thug: David Vlok
  • Thug (uncredited): Bradley James Allan
  • Village Hunter: Patrick Mofokeng

Film Crew:

  • Director of Photography: Poon Hang-Sang
  • Director: Jackie Chan
  • Production Design: Oliver Wong
  • Producer: Barbie Tung Wan-Si
  • Original Music Composer: Nathan Wang
  • Director: Benny Chan
  • Stunt Double: Bradley James Allan
  • Special Effects: Jackie Tang

Movie Reviews:

  • DeepSpace: The car chase scenes were awesome! The fight scenes are outstanding! This is probably my favorite Jackie Chan movie. I particularly like the chase scene in the city with the Lancer Evo IV. The whole desert scenario with the rally Montero is hilarious, too! It is capped off with one of Jackie Chan’s best fight scenes ever in the end. A must see!

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