Film Review: “Diana”


Director: Oliver Hirschbiegel

Writers: Stephen Jeffreys (screenplay), Kate Snell (book)

Stars: Naomi Watts as Diana, Naveen Andrews as Hasnat Khan, Cas Anvar, Charles Edwards

Synopsis: Princess Diana – was one of the most famous women in the world. People called her “Princess of human hearts.” A few years after breaking up with Prince Charles Lady Diana almost forgets about her personal life and devoted herself to public service. She has absolutely no time for anything: meetings and events are endless succession. Princess Diana meets Dr. Hasnat Khan in a waiting room at London’s Royal Brompton Hospital, while she was there visiting her friend. And that`s where the love story of Diana and Hasnat Khan will begin…

First time when I found out that Naomi Watts will portrait the Princess Diana, I was in shock. But later on, I told myself: this is going to be fine. Since, Naomi Watts is a great actress, and she knows how important is to play the Lady who was one of the famous women in the World.

To me, I doubt if there anyone who could really play Lady Di. She was unique, beautiful, and kind. Most likely, Naomi Watts is a kind person too, but the only thing I can say with absolute certain: Naomi Watts has never been in Princess Diana`s shoes. And she definitely is not Princess Diana.

I am not trying to be skeptical: but the story`s been told in the movie ‘Diana” is not the one I would like to know. I doubt that the story itself is completely true. But Diana is not here with us to tell otherwise. “Downfall” and “The Experiment” director Oliver Hirschbiegel tried to show us the other part of Diana`s life. But in the end, all what he has achieved is: he made a movie which has no soul, sensuality, and sincerity. And the viewer is forced to watch the cardboard and tedious love story of the woman we respected and still respecting a lot. But unfortunately, it seems Oliver Hirschbiegel has not respect for Princess Diana, otherwise he would stay away from this project.


I`ve always loved Naomi Watts because she always pulls of a great performance. In “Mulholland Drive” she was brilliant: her acting, depth of emotion, everything what you wish to see in acting was demonstrated by her. “The Ring” and “21 Grams” proves once again Naomi Watts can play any role. But why she could not do the same thing in the film “Diana”? it’s not like Naomi Watts was that bad. No. As Diana, Naomi Watts does a good job of capturing the princess’s mannerisms and voice. Her performance is excellent in her ability to mimic head postures and verbal cadences. But that was not enough to make it more than just a film. She desperately needed a good partner, the one who will be able to help Naomi to develop the love story of Diana and bring it to absolutely different level. Sadly, but Naveen Andrews was the worst choice ever. Both actors exhibit exactly zero chemistry.

“Diana” has many problems. Starting with the story itself, supporting cast which makes this movie less interesting for the viewer, and the main actor Naveen Andrews. But as a viewer, we can do one important thing: to not waste our time on it.

Princess Diana was a unique person, and deserves a better movie than this. Her life story is much bigger, more interesting, and tragic. It is impossible to tell the story of Diana as the way it is. But the story being told in the film is definitely not the one I would like to see.


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