Review; “Frozen” (2013)



Review: “Frozen” (2013)

Directors: Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee,

Writers: Jennifer Lee (screenplay), Hans ChristianAndersen (inspired by the story “The Snow Queen”)

Cast: Kristen Bell as Anna (voice), Idina Menzel as Elsa (Voice), Jonathan Groff as Kristoff (voice), Josh Gad as Olaf (voice), Santino Fontana as Hans (voice)



Synopsis: Anna is the fearless young princess of the Kingdom Arendelle who loves her sister more than anything else. She is a very optimistic person. She sees only good things in people and she is a big dreamer. Elsa is a wonderful and charming Queen who was born with the power to create ice and snow. It`s breathtakingly beautiful, but this extremely dangerous ability can kill. And that’s exactly what happens to Elsa when she nearly kills her younger sister. After the accident, Elsa isolates herself to protect her sister while she learns how to control her growing power. Not being able to control her emotions after a dispute with Anna, Elsa brings an eternal winter to the Kingdom of Arendelle. Realizing that she is unable to control her power, and that there is not a soul alive who would be able to help her, she runs away from the Kingdom. Anna tries to protect her sister from the wrath of the inhabitants of the Kingdom, and teams up with Kristoff and Olaf in an epic journey that will blow our minds.

Disney does not make very many animated movies in a year, and viewers are having a hard time accepting this.

What do we really expect from an animated movie? To be funny, intelligent, entertaining, or contain smart dialogue? Definitely. We want to show our children something really funny, as well as very smart and educational. And “Frozen” is a perfect match for all ages.  It has absolutely everything that we would expect from a great animated movie. It is extremely smart, funny, and full of visual effects, beautiful songs, funny dialogues, and touching scenes that will bring tears to your eyes. What else do we need? Am I not right? But it seems Disney wanted to make something more than that.  Something that would make us want to watch it over and over again. Something that would be remembered as well as “The Beauty and the Beast”, and ‘The Lion King’.

Even though, “Frozen”,directed by Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, is unlike “The Lion King” or ‘The Beauty and The Beast”, there is no reason to say that it’s any worse than these classic Disney movies. I would say, “Frozen” stays on the same level as any classical movie ever made. It becomes a classic because every time you see it you will notice something new.  And then you will ask yourself, “Did I ever watch it before?”

“Frozen” has so many funny scenes, but at the same time, it has some sad scenes too. The story of Elsa is inspired by the story of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Snow Queen”. But in this film, we see a very different Queen; the Queen that hides her fears, her powers, and emotions, and when she learns how to use them, creates something fascinatingly beautiful, unreal, and a little bit cold.

What makes “Frozen” so great, and one of the most watchable and interesting animated movies since “The Lion King” and ‘The Beauty and The Best”? – The songs, the lyrics and most importantly, they way they are performed.


When Elsa finally realizes that she does not need to hide her magical powers, she goes to the mountains and builds her own castle. While performing the Academy Award Winning Song “Let it Go”, Elsa gives herself permission to be who she is. The scene when she was building her icy castle was one of the most impressive scenes I have ever seen. And it no doubt will be remembered as one of the most amazing and unforgettable scenes in the history of animated films.

Originally, Queen Elsa was intended to be the villain of the story. I am very glad that the producers decided to rewrite Elsa`s part and make her into an isolated innocent who becomes a victim of her own magical, and very dangerous power. As a result we get the story of a willingness to sacrifice yourself for the one you love most.  No, it`s not a Prince Charming , but rather I am talking about the love between two sisters who will protect each other at all costs.

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