TV Show Review: “Crisis” (2014)



Creator: Rand Ravich

Series directed by: Phillip Noyce, Mark Piznarski, Christine Moore, Nick Gomez, Sarah Pia Aderson

Writers: Far Shariat, Erik Oleson, Dawn DeNoon, Rand Ravich

Stars: Racheal Taylor, Gillian Anderson, Lance Gross, Dermor Mulroney, Adam Scott Miller, Stevie Lynn Jones, Max Martini, Joshua Erenberg, Halston Sage, Max Schneider, Michael Beach, Mark Valley

          “Looks promising. Let`s see how far “Crisis” will take us.”

We already know that CBSs’ “Hostages”, with Toni Collette and Dylan McDermott, was cancelled. Even though I admire Toni Collette and Dylan McDermott for their dedication to save “Hostages”, they were powerless with the poor writing, directing, and everything that was involved in this show. These days we have seen many TV series that are about conspiracy, kidnapping, internal enemies, etc.  “24” and “Scandal” are good examples that some of these ambitious projects can survive. But here is the question, “How far will the creators of ‘Crisis” go to make it another ‘24” ?

The pilot episode is directed by heavy weight Phillip Noyce, who also directed the pilot episode of the popular show ‘Revenge’.   This time, Philip Noyce will have to make sure that the first episode of “Crisis” will be as interesting as “Revenge” to make the audience want to return for a second episode.

The story of “Crisis” is about the kidnapping of children from the most powerful people in the world, including the son of the president of United States of America, the child of an ambassador and a few offspring from the CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies. The beloved Agent Dunam (Gillian Anderson),   from the X-Files, plays one of the CEO`s. This story would be incomplete without special agents Susie Dunn (Racheal Taylor) and Marcus Finley (Lance Gross), who will try to hunt the kidnappers down.

The show itself is quite dynamic with a couple terrific twists.  By the 29th show you will be left behind by this terrible event. The question will be answered in the first episode; Francis Gibson (Dermot MulRoney), is actually the mastermind behind the titular situation in which a busload of schoolchildren are kidnapped and held hostage somewhere in Washington.  One of the interesting facts is, the daughter of Francis Gibson, Beth Ann Gibson, is one of the hostages. But we still don`t know why Francis needs to kidnap his own daughter?

The kidnapping of children is just the beginning of the story. Francis Gibson wants something that only the powerful parents of the kidnapped children can give him, and it certainly isn’t money! I know the answer, but I will not reveal it here.  The start of the show looks quite promising and I look forward to more episodes. Despite the fact that you might find this story too far-fetched to believe, it`s still interesting to see how far the desperate parents will go to protect and save their children`s lives.

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