TV Show Review: “Revenge: Execution” Season 3 Episode 22 (2014)



Most of us remain in shock after seeing the season finale of “Revenge”.  And why should we not be? The major spoiler of “Execution” was “Someone will die.” Don`t be surprised to hear that Aiden Mathis was one of those who said good Bye to “Revenge”.   Aiden Mathis was one of those characters on TV who should and must stay on the show.  But what can we do if the writers decide to kill him off?  We all should be thankful to Barry Sloane for his tremendous contribution. With his appearance, he made “Revenge” more interesting, and unpredictable, as his character was one of those who had enough power to turn everything upside down. Moreover, Aiden always helped Emily/Amanda to achieve her goal to bring down the Grayson family.

The “Revenge” season finale was epic, breathtaking, and absolutely unpredictable, even for me. In my previous highlight of “Revenge” I had tried to predict who else will die?  It was not surprise that Aiden was killed. But it was totally unexpected who he had killed, and by whom… Yes, Victoria did that dirty job.   Victoria believes that Pascal died because of Emily/Amanda, and by killing Aiden she wanted Amanda/Emily to suffer the way she hadsuffered. Well, that`s fine. Emily is used to suffering. She is a strong lady and will get what she wants.  But the whole show was stolen by some other events that occurred during the season finale. And you wouldn`t believe me if I told you what they were, because a couple scenes of “Execution” left me absolutely speechless.

We, as viewers, want to see a good story that will develop with every single scene, and a  cast  which will make us to believe a fictional story. The actor who played Conrad Grayson, Henry Czerny, deserves a nomination as the best actor of the year. I am not kidding. Henry Czerny delivered a couple of memorable scenes, and one of them was in the last episode, (yes, this being the one before he was killed off.) Oh, I know, I was wrong. I said, it`s impossible that Conrad Grayson will be among those who will die in the season finale, but, nevertheless, he does die. Who killed him was a surprise, but it`s not like it was a huge surprise. No. We all knew that David Clark was alive. I even thought that Victoria Grayson was hiding him somewhere to protect him from her jealous and dangerous husband, Conrad Grayson. But yes, David Clark is alive and he stabbed Conrad Grayson to death. The  look Conrad gave to David Clark before he was stabbed was priceless. You can almost read the following sentence by looking at his face: “Go ahead. I have nothing to lose.”

And here I better stop spoiling the whole episode, and let you enjoy the most epic, unbelievable, season finale ever, with a surprising ending.

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