EUFF Review: “Exit” (2013)


Original title: “Izhod”

Country: Slovenia

Written by: Dejan Babosek

Directed by: Dejan Babosek, Aljosa Kovacic

Starring: Ludvik Bagari, Dragan Bhelogrlic, Yuri Bradac, Simon Pribac, Katarina Jurkovic, Gea Erjavec, Jerney Kuntner

Peter has a tremendous amount of money and has invested all of it into a property development, financed by one of the biggest Banks in Slovenia. Assuming that he has enough money, and being the good friend he is, he decides to invest in the dreams of his, and his friends – a lifetime holiday. But  when he gets to the bank, he is told that construction has stopped, the company has gone bankrupt, and all the money has simply vanished. Peter is angry that he has lost all his money. However, he decides to do nothing until his best friend Andrej convinces Peter that   a heist is the only way to get his money back.

Exit begins with a group of young people entering a bank to commit a robbery. Then, a narrator begins to introduce us to each hero  in the film- one by one. The voice starts with Peter Volk (Aljosa Kovacic), which means Wolf.  Soon after these introductions, Exit takes us right back to the beginning, and leads us step by step to the moment when the young friends decide to rob the bank. Everything begins with a birthday party, where drugs, alcohol, and night clubs are all that Peter, Andrej (Simon Pribac), Lara (Katarina Jurkovic) and Sara (Gea Erjavec) were into that life-changing night.

SimonPrivac en Exit/Izhod

By the middle of the film, the writer and director, Dejan Babosek, gives us a clear idea of what`s happened at the beginning, and why the hapless friends ended up robbing the bank.  And, robbing the bank, does not mean that all their brave and seemingly perfect plans go smoothly. As usually happens, Peter and his friends end up with over ten hostages, and are surrounded by a not very smart and not very well organized police and SWAT, which makes Exit so funny and entertaining.

Talking about police, detective Denis Cojz (Yuri Bradac) is hilarious. He is inexperienced as well as impatient, but doesn’t realize this about himself. Watching James Bond`s films, or Die Hard makes him believe that he can be a better hero than any hero created by Hollywood, and now, and only now, is the time to show his country that he is their savior.  But the ridiculousness of this is that it all circulates in Denis`s head ;when it comes time to save the hostages held by the bank robbers he is as helpless as a little child facing unexpected danger. But it seems one funny and irresponsible police officer was not enough for Babosek, who introduces us to another officer, who gets very drunk before his shift is over.

Exit is well written and directed by Dejan Babosek, who complicates the plans of his heroes by involving political aspects. Babosek makes the heroes believe that they can change the entire course of the country, as they move from one request to another, and they demand that every hostage could be killed if the Cabinet of Ministry, and its corrupt ministers,  don’t resign upon their request.

With the available low budget, the entire cast of Exit brings a much deeper meaning to the situation and the circumstances that lead them to the bank. By changing their requests every time, they see themselves as a kind of Super-man; someone with unlimited power, who can bring the country from the darkness into the light.  But the whole point is, playing heroes is not easy when you`re not one of Marvel`s characters. Once you enter a life changing path, be sure that you know where the exit is. But that exit is something bigger than we can imagine, and the heroes of Exit will certainly have enough time to realize this.

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