Film Review: “Christmas Vacation” (1989)


Christmas is the most favorite time of the year for all of us, especially for those who are fond of holiday films such as “Love Actually”, “Home Alone”, or “Christmas Carol”, which has become the defining Christmas film for most film lovers. And, as it usually goes in these films, nothing goes right in the beginning; this makes the holiday a mess for its heroes, leaving them hopeless before Christmas. But , when Christmas finally comes, all the things that went wrong at the beginning, go smoothly, allowing everyone to enjoy the Christmas spirit. But this is not the least of what happens with The Griswold Family, whose Christmas Vacation turns out to be a disaster, almost ruining Clark Griswolds dreams and plans for the future…

It`s Christmas time and the Griswolds are preparing for a family seasonal celebration, but things never run smoothly for Clark (Chevy Chase), his wife Ellen (Beverly D`Angelo) and their two kids. Everything begins with their trip to cut down a natural Christmas tree. And, of course, as it usually happens, the tree is too big to fit inside the house, but Clark still manages to fix it. And, once he thinks that things have finally started to get better, Clark`s continual bad luck is worsened by an obnoxious family guest, who arrives just in time to even drive the audience crazy.

While the film progresses, the audience starts feeling sorry for Clark and his family, as things for him keep getting worse and worse. All the unfortunate events are being added up by his annoying neighbors, who it seems can`t even find a balance in their own home, but still try to dictate their rules to the Griswold family. While Clark tries to find ways to escape all of his bad luck, his mind keeps is preoccupied by his Christmas bonus, which is due soon…

Christmas’s are usually made complete when you watch heart-warming, sometimes educational, funny and cheerful comedies like “Christmas Vacation”, directed by Canadian filmmaker, Jeremiah S. Chechik (THE AVENGERS, BENNY & JOON), and more importantly, written by incomparable writer John Hughes, who brought us timeless “Home Alone” series. Chechnick manages to deliver all the humor, sadness, and craziness that surround the Griswold Family, and the actors do their best to just go as nuts as possible, ruining everything around them, making the Christmas Holiday for their family unforgettable.

In conclusion, Christmas Vacation is one of those films that remain the best Vacation film to come from the National Lampoon series. It makes the audience cry from laughter and cheer and laugh along with the Griswold Family. It`s certainly one of the best, more suitable film to watch on Christmas eve, and gives you everything you would want from a Christmas movie. It`s hilarious, loaded with tradition; a decent holiday gift for all Christmas movie lovers. Christmas Vacation is a classic film, which most of us will agree – it just isn`t Christmas until you have watched this film.

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  1. Я смотрел его давно но посмотрел еще раз . Очень хорошое семейное кино . Советую посмотреть всем в новогоднии дни

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