Film Review: “Frank” (2014)


Jon (Domhnall Gleeson) is an aspiring songwriter, who dreams of becoming a bigger musician in the future, so he joins an eccentric pop band, led by the mysterious Frank (Michael Fassbender), who wears a big HEAD to hide his own.  But how far is Jon willing to go to make his dream come true, when the band he joins offers him much more than he can handle…

Frank begins with Jon (Gleeson), who tries to compose music. But when he finds that he is unsatisfied with the results, he leaves the house for a walk. Soon after, while walking along the beach, he witnesses a man trying to drown himself. This is when his opportunity comes and Jon, mentions to the man, named Don (Scoot McNairy), that he plays keyboards. Since Don`s ex- keyboardist is having mental problems and has attempted to kill himself, Jon is invited to play with them that night.

With the appearance of the weird, talented, and enigmatic Frank (Fassbender), the film takes us in a different direction- in a very good way. Jon, at the beginning, can`t understand why Frank wears the HEAD, and apparently no one on his team even knows what he looks like. When the relationship between Jon and Frank grows stronger, it helps them make better music, which allows them to finally complete the recording of their first album.

However, what makes Frank genuinely attractive to the audience, is Frank himself, whom we can find difficult to connect with, but due to his pure soul and love of music makes us look and see his face, despite the fact that he hides his face and emotions from the audience the entire time. His evasiveness is exactly what makes the whole situation in the film totally amazing and sometimes hard to swallow, while, at the same time, so addictively interesting to watch.

But there is one more interesting character to follow in Frank, and this is Clara (Maggie Gyllenhaal), who becomes jealous of Frank`s friendship with Jon and continually torments Jon for being mediocre and having no talent. The entire film, directed by Lenny Abrahamson, is thoroughly entertaining, funny, weird, and unique in its own way. Michael Fassbender delivers a master-class performance, which allows the audience to become attached to his character despite the fact that Frank himself does not want to be known or to be understood.

Saying that, Frank, recently released on Blu-ray, is one of those films that should be in our film archive, as from time to time it is always good to watch such a gripping and compelling story offered to us by Lenny Abrahamson.


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