Film Review: “Honeymoon” (2014)


Can someone change in one night, or within five nights after they are married? Well, it might be possible if the story happens the same way as it was told in the classic “Sleeping with the Enemy” with Julia Roberts. But, do not assume that Leigh Janiak`s Honeymoon is the kind of film where a loving, gentle, and kind husband turns out to be evil and tries to kill his wife. This Is not the focus of Leigh Janiak`s film. This is what I found the most fascinating about this film; that sweetness may last forever for newlyweds, but that does not happen in Haniack`s Honeymoon.

Bea (Rose Leslie) and Paul (Harry Treadaway)  are a newlywed couple who find their dream lake-country in Canada to spend their honeymoon. But on their first night a strange thing happens in the middle of the night which causes Bea  to become disoriented and later on, an absolutely different person. Paul, seeing this, tries to help his wife, but instead, he realizes that he no longer recognizes the person he just married …

What can be better than the happy beginning of a marriage for newlyweds? A honeymoon on the lake, a little cottage where a couple can hide themselves from the rest of the world? When Honeymoon begins, with Bea and Paul sharing their memories on video, we see them as a very happy and energetic couple ready to spend their lives together. This all takes place in the first twenty minutes of the film, and the story develops in a way that none of us would expect- that something terrible may happen to them.

Paul who promises himself that he will do his best to make Bea happy and he does his best to help his wife recover from her disappearance during the night;  Bea explains it away as sleepwalking. Even though the film already reveals to the audience what comes next, it is still hard to predict or explain what has really happened to Bea in the woods. From that moment on the film becomes more engaging, creepy and scary, but not as scary as the audience might expect, which is a good thing. Janiak directs his film in a way that the audience won`t find themselves bored or yawning throughout film.

Leigh Janiak, who used to be the assistant of Kevin Misher during the filming of Mirror Mirror: The Untold Adventures of Snow White, shows that she has learned a lot from his previous experience, as his first directorial debut can be considered very successful. The actors she chooses deliver convincing performances, which is very important when you have only two leading actors, and  a supporting cast that appears in the film for only five minutes.

In conclusion, the story told in Honeymoon is blood-curdling and makes you sit forward and shudder until you are on the edge of your seat. Janiak, who succeeds with his directorial debut, has an opportunity to make his name as a promising director; who actually made his film much more interesting, engaging and compelling than all those so called directors like Seth Rogen and Seth MacFarlane. I guess, that was a bad comparison, but all I am trying to say is Honeymoon is certainly one of those films that deserves our attention and should, and must, be seen by anyone who likes horror films.

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