TIFF Kids Film Festival Review: Maya the Bee Movie (2014)

maya the bee

Maya the bee is one of the most famous characters around and is back on the screen, in a film version. Maya the bee may be little, but has a big and kind heart. Her desire to leave her home for a big adventure is so great, that she doesn’t see the danger, or anything that can put her at risk and ruin her plans. And of course, Willy, her best friend, is there for her to support her and protect her from the deadly dangers that may be waiting for her. When Maya, a fearless little bee, hears about flying bugs, she with her fellow bees go to find them, but what she finds is not what she expected…

Maya the Bee Movie is made by the collaboration of Australian and German cinematographers, which makes this beloved children’s film even more special to watch. Maya the bee, once again appears always ready to face and endure danger, and show everyone how brave she is. But, her big and good-natured heart does not allow her to see that sometimes the danger she is trying to avoid is right under her nose, but she can`t see that because of her credulity.

It is very interesting the way Maya sees the world. This is what little children must see, with the eyes of a beautiful Maya, who wants everyone around her to be happy and to cheer for each other. However, she does not forget to bring a little adventure to her life, that can make her the hero, she longs to be. It all would not be possible if not for the beautiful performance of the actors, who so convincingly voice these beloved characters.

Maya the Bee Movie is something every kid must see. It`s a very kind, simple, kids-oriented film, especially for the very young. This is why, during the Toronto Kids International Film Festival, you should take your little one to watch how Maya who conquers the hearts of all her fans.

You can find full schedule and info for the 18th Toronto Kids International Film Festival below:

TIFF: Maya the Bee Movie

TIFF Kids Film Festival – Full Schedule

SUN, APR 12 BUY – 3:15PM3D
SAT, APR 18 BUY – 10:00AM3D
SUN, APR 19 BUY – 12:45PM3D

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