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TIFF Kids Film Festival Review: “Shaun The Sheep: Movie (2015)


Watching films helps to not only kill time, but also gives you the chance to educate yourself, expand your knowledge, discover new cultures, explore new worlds, and more importantly, enjoy seeing good performances. The arrival of spring brings us not only breautiful weather, but also the TIFF’s Kids International Film Festival, where you can take your children to see lots of interesting films from around the world.  And, if your little one gets tired of watching films and wants to take a little break, TIFF offers digiPLaySpace for kids, where they can learn many new things and technologies. I am sure after seeing that, they will beg you for one of their own.

The 18th TIFF Kids International Film Festival`s opening party was just as colorful as it’s programs. Everyone who attended the party could not help but to thoroughly enjoy themselves. Seeing happy kids running around, eating snacks, pizza, or just drinking soft drinks, was absolutely amazing. But, the biggest surprise was on the second floor where TIFF had three of the cutest and most adorable sheep accompanied by one funny pig, which allowed the kids to get in the mood for the opening film of Shaun the Sheep: The Movie, brought by Elevation Pics.

The 18th TIFF Kids Film Festival has prepared an interesting program and has films that the entire family will enjoy.  For the full schedule you can click here to find out more.

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