TV Show Review: “American Odyssey” (2015-)


It is always entertaining and curious to see mind-expanding movies and documentary films. It allows us to think differently and look at certain things from different perspectives. Unfortunately, not many TV shows with conspiracy theories have a chance of staying on the air, such as Flashforward, Revolution and my favorite, Persons Unknown. But let`s put the conspiracy theories away, and talk about the subject matter. The new series from NBC AMERICAN ODYSSEY goes far above and beyond any T. V. series, and touches the most sensitive subject ever –  terrorism, controlled media, and big corporations that finance  terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda.

A group of twelve are sent to Mali, North Africa to find the wife of the number one terrorist, but instead, find he was killed during a mission. The happy and proud soldiers are about to start celebrating their biggest victory ever. The whole world is talking about the American heroes, and celebrates their huge success, while the government that is controlled by the influential company, SOC, sends them a life-changing present – an explosive bomb and eleven heroes die just like that. However, one person survives, Odelle Ballard (Anna Friel), who holds in her hand a flash card with recorded proof of how the American company SOC sponsored Abdulla Abbas, a leader of Al Qaeda.


American Odyssey`s pilot episode starts quite dynamically, stays true to form and remains dynamic and intelligent till the end of the episode. It immediately reveals to us who the biggest villain is, and of course, who stands behind the attack. The series created by Adam Armus, Nora Kay Foster, and Peter Horton has many surprises for the viewers. Even though, the main character is Odelle Ballard, who is the only surviving victim of the big corporation, there are many others whose storyline is just as interesting. Harrison Walters (played by Jake Robinson) is a famous song writer, however, he chooses a different path and protests against G8 at Lower Manhattan. Peter Decker (played by Peter Facinelli) is an investigator in the company that seeks an opportunity to work with SOC. However, when he starts digging deep into the files he finds, he understands that there is something bigger and very dangerous going on that he must reveal to everyone.

NBC`s American Odyssey is gripping, brilliant, and an exciting action thriller which promises us non-stop action, lots of information, and strong characters who will not give in to the States biggest enemy that easy. The series has everything to become a huge success this season, however, I have bad feelings about its future. Not just because of the problems with the plot, which I think is excellent, but rather with the subject matter and the fact that NBC, will easily cancel any good show due to low ratings. And the fact remains, as I mentioned in the beginning, it has never happened that an eye-opening series lasts more than one season. But let`s hope American Odyssey will be the first to reach the end of the season on a high note, and get renewed for a second. Until that moment, let`s just enjoy watching it as long as NBC allows us.

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