Cinéfranco Review: Almost Friends (On a failli être amies) – 2014


Can you ‘steal’ someone if that person never really belonged to anyone in the first place? In this clever, funny, and somewhat, life-educational film, you will see and experience something that can`t be seen in every film. It is a led ‘by women’ and ‘written for women’ film, but men will find it quite entertaining as well.

Carole successfully manages the restaurant which was opened by her husband, Sam. Now, after so many years, she finds her life to be a bit monotonous, so she decides to change it significantly; Carole decides to leave her husband and find another job. This is how she meets Marithé, who works at the training centre for adults. In the beginning, Marithé tries not to cross the line between work and a personal relationship. However everything changes when Marithé meets Sam… The relationship between the two women quickly alters and brings the question – what is the real nature of their so-called friendship’?

It is simply a huge pleasure to watch this cleverly written and directed film by Anne Le Ny. She creates  perfect harmony between all the heroes and makes us believe that people will go to great lengths to achieve their goals, while at the same time make the effort to not produce hurt feelings in the process.  Even though, Anne Le Ny’s intent was not to have Marithé ‘steal’ her friend`s husband, we see Marithe’s attitude change radically as the film progresses, and we find her doing something she could never have imagined she would ever do.

Ironically, Marithé has a warm conversation with Nathalie Perusel (Anne Le Ny), who is the current wife of Marithe`s ex-husband, Philippe, with whom she is still good friends. When Nathalie advises Marithe to start building her personal life again, she responds by saying that ‘all good men are married’. This is when Nathalie calmly reminds her about her affair with Philippe while he was married to her.

The name of the film Almost Friends speaks for itself. It offers an intriguing glimpse into the relationship between two women, where one tries to escape a life she is tired of, while the other one has every intention of getting her life back. It`s a very charming, funny, and harmless movie about love, friendship and a relationship, that despite everything that happens, cannot be erased from our memories.

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