Hot Docs Review: Chameleon (2015) ★★★★



Anas Aremeyaw Anas is a well-known journalist who has been honored by President Barack Obama, has received multiple awards, and has the nickname ‘James Bond’ for his tremendous contribution in Ghanaian journalism. What he does is something that others who call themselves journalists should do – seek the truth, uncover the truth, and bring the darkest part of our society to the light, from the darkness where they can no longer hide. Anas is a person who looks for criminals, and helps the police to catch them. Nobody really knows what he looks like. But, did the people of Gotham know the real face of Batman, or his real identity?  Did New Yorker`s know Spiderman’s identity? Anas, also like Batman, is a person who hides in the shadows of those who no longer can hide, or vanish because of something terrible, or harmful they have done. In this case Anas will be right there to bring them to justice.

In this documentary film, Chameleon, you won`t be able to see the face of Anas, but you will see something bigger than his looks may tell: his discoveries, investigations, and the cooperation he gives the police to bring the disturbing part of our society to justice; the part of society who go far in thier brutality, and he introduces them to the law. These are criminals they did not even know existed.  In this documentary film we see Anas’s investigation into one the most disturbing cases I have ever heard – an abortion doctor who refuses to help with his illegal abortions unless the victim agrees to sleep with him. If the victim goes against the doctor`s demands, he promises to make the entire abortion process incredibly painful.  As they have nowhere to go, and are left with no other choices, desperate women agree with the ‘doctor`s terms.

The second case documented is about human trafficking, where Anas tries to understand how to prosecute and to charge the right people who were wrongly guided. It is very interesting and intellectually stimulating to see how this documentary film teaches so many good things that human beings must do.  Anas, standing in front of his own people says: “We don`t live in this world 200 years. If you have a chance to put a mark on something, then you must do it.”  In conclusion, The CHAMELEON, directed by Ryan Mullins, once again shows how important journalism is, how much the facts really do matter, and how we all desperately need a real hero like Anas, who will tell the truth without fear and who acts like a good cop, a good citizen instead of those who use their unique opportunities that they have to help others, instead take their phone and records and commit inhumane acts, ignoring the law. This is why Chameleon must be seen, mostly by those who are too busy committing crimes, to prevent them…

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