TIFF Kids Review: Famous Five 4 (2015)

ddaf33a253b066cfaaf077df3afac0c2The ancient pyramids of Egypt hide a huge mystery which can only be solved by possessing all three amulets. A secret society steals it and frames a dad, Bernhard, during his family’s visit  to an archaeological exhibition in Cairo. The  Famous Five- Julian, Dick, Anne, and their cousin George, and Timmy the dog, have only two days before the trial begins to prove the innocence of their father and solve their most challenging mystery.

Famous Five 4 directed by Mike Marzuk, is quite intriguing in the beginning and for the fans of the Famous Five 4 series, promises that another challenging mission is in store for them. It begins with our heroes, as their father, Bernard, explains to them about an Egyptian Mummy. When they get back to the museum they find a mysterious man who is trying to extract an ancient amulet hidden inside of the mummy.

As soon as they solve the first puzzle, they travel to Cairo to find out more about the amulet, but instead, find danger and that they are being hunted by unknown people. Famous Five 4 is an adventure film about a famous group of young people that no matter how desperate the situation is, will try to help their father be released from prison. Even though the film is shot very simply, it still remains attractive enough to be interesting.

It`s a harmless, straightforward film that will surely interest a young audience. Even though the entire cast does a good job to carry out the film, there is one actor who surely must be highlighted – Timmy the dog. The desert scene, which is carried by the dog, is something that won`t leave anyone indifferent. It is certainly not a box-office film, but good enough to be watched by the entire family.

Famous Five 4 premiered at the TIFF Kids Film Festival in Toronto at TIFF BELL LIGHT BOX, and is scheduled to be screened again, April 19, at 10:30 AM.

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