TIFF Kids Review: “Bite Size” (2014)


Eating healthy food and having a healthy life may not be the same thing. But when it comes to dealing with an important problem, such as being overweight, then yes, eating healthy food, along with having a healthy lifestyle becomes a priority because of diseases you may encounter due to obesity. Unfortunately, those who live in poverty are left with no choice but to eat the junk food offered by McDonalds, or Burger King, or any of the other places that offer fast food. Before you go there to get a quick bite, think of its size, and the consequences, not just for you, but your children as well…

Bite Size is one of the most important documentary films I`ve seen recently. It follows the stories of several children: Moy, a Spanish boy, who thinks he is ‘fat’ but does nothing to fix it until the moment his parents find he has a passion for something that will keep him moving to help him lose a significant amount of weight, and Emily, a girl that goes to MindStream Weightloss Boarding School to keep her weight under control so she will not weigh as much as she once did, and Davion, an extremely kind boy, whose desire to become a football player is so strong that, despite his weight problems, he fights hard to have the life he dreams of. Keanna Polard is another hero of this documentary, who agrees to be part of this film to highlight that no matter how big you are, there is always a chance to get past it if you have one simple thing – the will to make it happen.

Bite Size reveals how important it is for parents to take an active role in helping their children keep off extra pounds that may give them such health problems as a heart disease, or diabetes. It also shows how significant it is to avoid eating junk food, or drinking soda all day long. Watching one of the interviews shown in this doc, you see parents who are asking their kids to give up a life they themselves will not. Corbin Billing`s vision in his documentary film is not necessarily to concentrate on what is going on in America, but to bring to light something that is happening all over the world. Parents have no nationality or religion; there are good, bad, and also careless parents who support a fast-food-type-of-life which will ultimately shorten the life of their loved ones.

In conclusion, Bite Size does not promote or insist that you stop eating what you eat, instead, it highlights the problems of those people who have a common problem; people who must fight to gain support in their battle to simply do two right things – to stop eating junk food, and to replace soda and juices with water. It brings an awareness and gives examples that we all can learn from so that we may help our loved ones avoid this quite dangerous problem. Being overweight is a global issue and the cure is very simple- let`s just all have an active and healthier life, and live as long as we can without causing trouble for ourselves by eating unhealthy food.

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