LGBT Film Festival 2015: COMING IN (2014) ★★★★★


Love is a powerful feeling that can make people do unimaginable things. But will an unimaginable thing make Tom Herzner (Kostja Ullmann) fall in love with Heidi (Aylin Tezel), a charming, brave, and talented hairdresser? After hearing the opening line, you will certainly say yes, why not? But things are not as simple as they seem, because Tom Herzner is gay.

Tom is a notoriously hip, Berlin based, hairdresser. Heidi is the owner of a beauty parlor. He has a boyfriend and successfully promotes his products, while Heidi spends her time in her salon, making her customer`s lives more beautiful every day. Their paths intersect when Tom is asked to create a shampoo for women. But how can he do this if he knows nothing about women? Tom decides to work for one week in Heidi’s salon so he can learn what women want and like. Instead, he finds something that he could have never have imagined – that will ultimately change his and Heidi`s life.

Coming In, directed by Marco Kreuzpaintner is a surprisingly interesting, funny, romantic, and touching film about ‘to be’ or ‘not to be’. Once the film begins, with the opening scene, the viewer feels that the film has somehow already exceeded expectations, and this feeling miraculously does not leave. And, when the film reaches its half way point, it gets even more interesting, intriguing, and funny. This is not all due to the flawlessly written screenplay, or the charming story created by Marco Kreuzpaintner, Christoph Müller and Jane Ainscough, but also because of the convincing performance delivered by Kostja Ullmann and Aylin Tezel, who look just incredibly cute together.

Marco Kreuzpaintner’s intention in this film is to show that sometimes certain things are never meant to happen, unless you can prove it otherwise. In some scenes you can clearly feel his attempt to create that ‘perfect’ environment where everything is in order. You as the viewer will feel yourself touched and amazed by it’s beauty and simplicity which makes this film so wonderful to watch.  It is so well executed that there will be little chance but for you to sit tight and thoroughly enjoy yourself.

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