LGBT Film Festival 2015: Liz in September (Liz en Septiembre) 2014 ★★★★★


Every September Liz celebrates her birthday with her best friends; she loves throwing parties and is an impossible womanizer. But there is a secret she hides from everyone – her terminal illness. However, she forgets about her condition when an ‘outsider’, a married woman, Eva, appears in her hotel to spend a few nights. Liz makes a bet with her friends that she will seduce the strange woman in three days, however, not everything turns out the way she expected, making Liz`s September absolutely unique, full of drama, and ending in way should could not have imagined…

I had no idea about this charming, and sensual Venezuelan film before its screening at LGBT Film Festival in Toronto. Once the film began, I knew that there was something magical that would make you forget about the time you spend in a very cold auditorium. Liz in September (Liz en Septiembre), directed by Fina Torres, begins with Eva, whose is heartbroken due to her son`s death. On her way to meet her husband, she finds herself in the middle of a small town, with a broken car. Looking for a place to stay, she is directed to Margot`s hotel, where she will most likely be able to find a room. But, when she gets there, she finds more than a cozy room, and is warmly welcomed by women who usually never accept a ‘straight’ guests.

As the film goes on, after Eva meets Liz a relationship develops; a relationship they see from two different perspectives. Soon after we find out why Eva looks so sad, and the reason behind Liz’s constant headaches, and why she has not been looking well.  The viewer is sent on a journey of unexpected twists and turns, watching the strange turn of events, as Eva enters a world where she has never been before. This is a very interesting kind of film to watch, and you find yourself having mixed feelings; you will either laugh or cry –both for the same reason – the high quality of the film from Venezuela.

Liz in September is based on Jane Chamber`s play, and the screenplay is written by Fina Torres, who felt the entire story so incredibly well,  and developed the characters in such a charismatic way that the viewer is sent on a beautiful journey they will not want to come back from. From the beginning to the end, Torres`s film is full of laughter, stories, beautiful performances, and cinematography, which completely aligns with the sanity, or if you wish, the insanity, of the story told in this film.  Liz in September is a very attractive film that will make you think about it even after it is over. Some of you may feel happy, some sad – either way this film manages to create an atmosphere that won`t leave you disappointed even if you watch it ten times.

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