ICFF 2015: L`Oriana (2015) ★★★★★

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Making biopic films about famous people, be it an activist, or an actor, musician, or painter, is never an easy task. This is why hearing about Marco Turco`s, L`Oriana peaked my interest, about the subject, and also the person whose life is highlighted in this film. After reading a short bio of Oriana Fallaci, and her famous article, Anger and Pride written after 9/11, I found myself more intrigued than ever, with the hope that Turco would manage to tell her life story as profoundly as possible. After seeing L`Oriana, I must say, there was no better way to make this film than the way Turco did – deep and touching.

She had lived her life to the fullest. She was surrounded by war, bombs, admirers, and by the most powerful weapon she could have used against anyone – words that she used to write about corruption, dictatorship and war.  L`Oriana, directed by Marco Turco for TV, follows the life of the most famous Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci (beautifully portrayed by Vittoria Puccini) who always believed that writing the truth has a surgical effect on humans: it may hurt, but it also heals.

L`Oriana begins with Oriana who we find in a hospital where she is checking her eye sight. With flashbacks, we are taken back into the past, where a famous journalist tells her story to a newly hired volunteer, Lisa, whose dream is to become a journalist like Oriana Fallaci. As the film progresses, we find out more about Oriana, her work and personal life are as changeable as the weather. She travels from one side of the World to cover the Vietnam War, then quickly moves to another part of the world; Pakistan, or Iran to interview Khomeini.

Marco Turco`s L`Oriana is directed with respect and pride for a person who has done a tremendous job to bring journalism up to a whole different level. It`s an excellent and profound biopic, where the viewer clearly witnesses Oriana`s strong personality, determination and willingness to go as far as possible to write the truth.  In conclusion, L`Oriana is one of those films that will warm the viewer’s heart and leaves you with a feeling of appreciation for someone who never stopped doing what she loved. Vittoria Puccini, who portrays Oriana Fallaci, delivers a convincing performance where the viewer can trust her throughout the film, as Puccini alone carries out this film exactly the way Turco envisioned.


11 June 2015
Screening Time: 7:30 PM
Location: TIFF Bell Lightbox

17 June 2015
Screening Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Colossus Vaughan

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