ICFF 2015: Midnight Sun (2014) ★★★★

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Friendship between human beings always has its ups and downs. But, when that friendship is between a human being and a wild animal, such as a polar bear, it always has only ups which prove to be emotional, in a very incredible and touching way. When Luke finds a bear cub, who has been left behind by its mother, in his garage, he does what not just anyone would do: he begins a journey to reunite the little bear with its mother, who was taken away by animal control.

Midnight Sun begins with our young hero, Luke, who lives with his mother, Aunt, and his Sister, Abbie. When he tries to prevent the animal controllers from shooting the polar bear, and is unsuccessful, Luke feels incredibly heartbroken. But this does not last, when Luke finds a bear cub in his garage, who was unintentionally left by its mother. Luke quickly develops a very warm relationship with the little creature, and he makes one of the most important decisions of his life: to find the bear cub’s mother. But on this ambitious, and life threatning journey, Luke can rely on only one person who will help him reach his destination – Muktuk, who had once failed to save Luke`s father.

Midnight Sun, directed by Roger Spottiswoode, touches upon an interesting relationship between a teenage boy and a little baby bear, who soon will become a terrifying animal. But, what we see in this film is quite fascinating, and this is how the relationship between the two of them grows every day as they build trust in each other. Dakoto Goyo,  as the young adventurer, and Goran Visnjich as Muktuk deliver convincing performance, where the viewer by looking at them can see their desperation and determination at the same time.

In conclusion, Midnight Sun is an excellent and well-made film for the entire family. Sometimes it`s heartwarming and sad, but most of the time it is an entertaining film which won`t leave anyone disappointed. And, in the end, we once again realize that a friendship between a human being and an animal is possible, if there is a right and respectful approach towards the animal, who learns from us how to react, respect, and love another being. We will also learn that if there is something good we can bring to them, why not have that be a love and friendship, which is all that they ask from us.

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