NIFF 2015: Unexpected (2015)


Samantha is an inner-city high school teacher whose life is very predictable, until the unpredictable happens: she finds out she is pregnant. While she has to deal with her own personal problems, Samantha finds out that one of her best students, Jasmine, is also pregnant. This situation causes them to develop a friendship which allows them to navigate through the struggles they will face on their way to an unexpected future…

Unexpected, directed by Kris Swanberg, begins with Samantha, where she finds out about the new situation that is about to change her life. Meantime, we find out about another young woman who shares the same fate as Samantha, Jasmine. Despite their age difference, both women become friends, and, as usually happens in friendships, there are ups and downs. As the film progresses, we find out more about Samantha; about her personal life, and all the fears she experiences during her pregnancy. However, all this does not stop her from trying to help her new friend, who just five minutes ago was her student.

Swanberg`s film is quite interesting and takes an unusual approach where he presents an unlikely friendship between a teacher and a student. While Cobie Smulders, who portrays Samantha, delivers a convincing performance, it is also interesting to see how Gail Bean handles her part, with enough grace to believe in her character. She portrays someone whose life has never been full until the moment she realizes she is one step away from creating her own, long-awaited family. Unexpected is one of those films that certainly brings refreshing scenes that we need, at times, to see in films. It hardly can be called a comedy, or a drama, since it`s not sentimental enough: but that`s a good thing. All that is important is that Swarberg`s film exceeds the viewer`s expectations, creating something both charming and moving, which is enough to give it a try and see it as I have.


June 20 | 7 PM | Spotlight | Seneca Queen Theatre                                                                                                                                   June 21 | 9:30 PM to 11:45 PM | Gala (Screening Only) | Jackson-Triggs
June 21 | 7 PM to 11:45 PM | Full Gala (With Dinner) | Jackson-Triggs


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