NIFF 2015: I`ll See You in My Dreams (2015) ★★★★★


It`s never too late to fall in love. It`s never too late to start feeling alive, no matter how old you are. It’s also never late one day, to open your eyes and find yourself surrounded by a person who can comfort you, even when everyone else may see you as very old for that. And this is when you realize that fate has some more plans for you, a plan, where you once again get back to the time where you felt like a teenage girl who falls in love with a young man. I`ll See You in My Dreams is a film where you see two souls find themselves in the middle of a hurricane of feelings and passion that could have been possibly seen only in their dreams. But what happens with them is more than that…

Carol (Blythe Danner) stops seeing anyone after her husband`s death in an airplane crash that happened twenty years ago. Her dog Hazel dies one unfortunate morning, leaving her completely alone. It seems that nothing beyond the usual and routine is left for the rest of her life, until the moment when she meets Bill (Sam Elliott), an old man with full of charm, whose bold attitude draws Carol`s attention. Despite their age, both of them find a way to start building their happiness, to fill their empty evenings with each other`s presence.

Blythe Danner`s Carol is a gracefully aged woman; former singer and teacher, who enjoys her life as much as she can. We even see her at a speed dating event, where she tries to find someone she thinks can share her life with. She has a daughter who lives far from her, but still thinks of her mother, and keeps coming to visit her. I`ll See You in My Dreams is enchanting, touching, an honest film about aged people; their desires, dreams and daily routine life, which those who have not yet reached their age may not understand at all. But what this film does is use a special technique combined with depth of feeling, right moments, and people, who are willing to go far from their ordinary lifestyle and experience something new.

Brett Haley`s film touches upon an interesting subject where the viewer finds himself fascinated by its beautiful and amazing story revolved around old people, who believe that they deserve to have a full life, even though they are forgotten by the rest of the world. Blythe Danner is truly amazing as Carol and makes us even more amazed by her ability to portray such a rich character, whose life was never boring at all.  Martin Starr, who plays Lloyd, makes this film even more interesting to watch, as his presence in Carol`s life makes us believe that sometimes you don`t need to dream to see what I`ll See You in My Dreams has offered you to see.

Screening info:
June 20 | 9:30 PM | Landmark Cinemas
June 21 | 4 PM | Landmark Cinemas

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