ICFF 2015: Ever Been To The Moon? – Sei Mai Stata Sulla Luna? (2015)


Giulia (Liz Solari), in her thirties, already has a successful career working for a top fashion magazine. Doing the fancy job, it allows her to live in the two most fascinating cities of the world: Rome and Paris. She believes she has already achieved everything she wanted in life: the dream job, countless friends and a promising future. But what Giulia did not know was that she never got to experience the taste of real love. This however she suddenly starts experiencing after meeting a handsome man, named Renzo (Raoul Bova) who has a 7 year old son.

SE MAI SULLA Luna? begins with our protagonist, Giulia, who is sent to Paris to cover fashion week. In the meantime, she finds herself debt-ridden after her rich husband’s death. However, the debt is not the only thing he leaves for her. He leaves behind a huge farm with a tenant in it.  That meant she won`t be able to get rid of them, until they find a place to stay. The amusing part of the film begins when she finds out that the man who she spends a night with is a farmer in her farm she’s about to sell…

As the film progresses, we find Giulia in several hilarious scenes where she expresses her desire to learn farming. Paolo Genovese` cleverly directs some parts, leaving boring parts of the film behind the scenes. He develops the characters well, as we find out more about them as the film progresses. And more importantly, he allows the other characters to shine equally as well as Giulia, creating equal opportunities for all of them.  Even though SEI MAI SULLA LUNA? concentrates more on the comedy part, however, it can easily be considered as a moving romantic comedy with some of Italy’s finest actors.

In conclusion, Genovese`s film is a harmless romantic comedy about a woman who is merely seconds away from entering the path of experiencing unconditional love. But the main question is, will she realise it and free herself from being an obsessive workaholic and open her heart for someone who is willing to love her as long as he lives?
Screening Time:

19 June 2015, 7:30 PM
Location: TIFF Bell Lightbox

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