NIFF 2015: The Quiet Hour (2014)


We have seen many films about the post-apocalyptic world, about the aftermath of alien invasion or some human error that causes a catastrophic ending. And every time we see those kind of films, we realize that there is no one who would do harm to the world as we know it except human beings themselves. That mostly happens because of their desire to control. The desire to have the kind of power that influences the entire world. The Quiet Hour, directed by Stéphanie Joalland, is where we once again see ourselves as the only creature who repeats the same mistake twice.

The Quiet Hour follows the life of a feisty teenage girl, Sarah, who all alone must look after her blind brother. Moreover, she has to protect her farm from outsiders, who won’t back down in order to survive. One desperate day, Sarah finds an unknown man and takes him as a hostage in order to not get killed by people who surrounded her house. Will this girl survive in this unequal fight? Only time will tell, a time that always demands a price that not everyone can afford paying…

The Quiet Hour is an independent, ambitious project that totally deserves our attention. Casting talented, youthful actors, the film achieves its goal completely. This excellent sci-fi thriller truly delivers its intended message. It has nothing complicated, except an inhuman condition that makes some individuals act like they are a beast. It is also hard to pick anyone who I would be able to emphasize as the main star of this film. Everyone involved in this film does a tremendous job by portraying their characters in the way it should be. This is why Stéphanie Joalland`s film is worth seeing, since she seems to know well how to create an outstanding project out of a simple story.

Screening time:

June 20 | 10 PM | Spotlight | Seneca Queen Theatre

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