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TIFF EXHIBITION PRESENTS Tacita Dean / Daniel Young & Christian Giroux – FREE OF CHARGE

There is always something to do during the summer. Those who like beaches may travel to Cuba or the Dominican Republic, but those who love art stay in town to explore places like the TIFF Bell Light Box. This is where art lovers can explore a different world altogether, a place which has its own sunshine, such as the newly organized free summer exhibition. Sounds good, doesn`t it? Especially when the exhibition runs for free, running from June 12 to August 23!

Daniel Young & Christian Giroux

Daniel Young

Daniel Young & Christian Giroux 2-channel 35mm film installation, silent Credit: Courtesy of the artists. Commissioned by TIFF, the Goethe-Institut Toronto and Ed Video, 2015

Two different eras. Divided Berlin. Then and now.  Daniel Young and Christian Giroux re-examine the images of Berlin in ways that’s almost impossible to describe. Comparing the images of Berlin in 1983 and 2012 is almost like comparing alternate worlds. The collaboration of Young and Giroux since 2002 has allowed both artists to examine their own visions and bring it together as a unique art. This won them the 2012 Sobey Art Award and solo exhibitions in many prestigious galleries including Berlinale, South Korea, Oakville Galleries and many others. Young & Giroux’s Berlin images will be projected in 35mm, which will allow you to feel present right amidst their divided world.

Tacita Dean: JG

Tacita Dean

Tacita Dean, JG, 2013 Credit: Courtesy of the artist and Marian Goodman Gallery, New York & Paris and Frith Street Gallery, London

Tacita Dean is an English visual artist who works primarily in film. She has been recognized for her work in critically acclaimed film Disappearance at Sea, which brought her a nomination for the Turner Prize. Her contributions to art is tremendous. As part of the free exhibition, TIFF Exhibit presents Dean`s recent work. JG continues the innovative processes well developed for working with 35mm film.  In her new film, she engages with Robert Smithson`s seminal earthwork Spiral Jetty presented in 33mm, color and black-and-white anamorphic film with optical sound, 26,5.m.  The interesting fact about Spiral Jetty is that JG once suggested before his death that Dean should treat the jetty as “a mystery that your film will solve.” What that mystery was about and why JG believed Tacita Dean`s film is capable of solving a puzzle is something that you must certainly see with your own eyes, projected in 35mm.

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